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Washington Could Hand Minnesota Their 4th L

Now that the US election is under wrap, online NFL betting fans can get back to some more pressing affairs. Donald Trump winning the election was an unequivocal surprise, but the Minnesota Vikings’ season has been equally shocking. Minnesota astonished all of us when they brushed off a preseason injury to their starting quarterback like a bug off a windshield. With Terry Bridgewater sidelined, the Vikings brought in Sam Bradford from the Philadelphia Eagles. To call Bradford one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks would be a vast hyperbole, but behind Minnesota’s prodigious defense, Bradford managed an offense that could put together long drives and finish them off with a score. But a Week 6 Bye would spell certain death for this team, and the hallowed Bye Week ended up doing more harm for Minnesota, than good.

After putting together a striking run in the first half of the season, the Vikings would go on to lose 3 straight games following their Bye Week. With Minnesota’s morale at an all-time low, what kind of odds are most football betting sites giving the Vikings in their next contest?

NFL Odds – Week 10 – Sunday, November 13th

Minnesota Vikings +3 (-115) 41 ½ (-115) +133
Washington Redskins -3 (-105) 41 ½ (-105) -153

On November 13th, the Washington Redskins will be welcoming the Minnesota Vikings into FedEx Field. After tying with the Bengals earlier this season, Washington will be coming in with a 4-3-1 record. Meanwhile, after their 3rd consecutive loss, the Vikings will be coming at 5-3. If we take the online NFL betting odds to be an accurate prediction, then the Redskins will surely hand Minnesota their 4th straight loss.

Unlike the Redskins, who find themselves ranking 3rd in the NFC East, the Minnesota Vikings are the leaders of the NFC North. With the season getting shorter every week, the Vikings stand more to lose in this Sunday’s contest. Of course the Redskins could still manage to crawl their way into the playoffs, and beating the Vikings in Week 10 is certainly in the right direction. Looking over the Redskins statistics, as well as the statistics of the last three teams that beat Minnesota, all 4 teams are of a similar fashion; an explosive offense backed by a lackluster defense. Right now the Redskins have the 3rd best passing offense and the 4th best total offense. Of the last three teams to beat the Vikings, only the Eagles had a better defense than their offense.

These last couple of weeks the Vikings have begun to show the cracks of this team. They’re having too many turnovers, playing sloppy football, and ultimately losing too many games. The online NFL betting odds are convinced the Vikings will lose another, and if they keep playing the way they have been, they certainly will.