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Von Miller’s Hold out sould Spell Trouble for the Broncos

NFL betting fans that were awaiting the Broncos defense to comeback after their amazing Super Bowl performance, will be disappointed to know that they might not get to see Von Miller play when opening day comes, and then the next day and so forth for the entire 2016 season. The Super Bowl 50 MVP has recently released a statement on his Instagram account that read the following:

“I love my Teammates, Coaches, and My Fans, but there is No Chance I play the 2016 season under the Franchise tag.”

Von Miller really does sound like he means it. For a period of some three months, the Broncos and Miller have been in contract negotiations that have not gone in the best direction. Back in March, the Broncos had designated him as their franchise player. That deal would give him a total of $14.1 million for the upcoming season. The negotiations have gone south and recently it was reported that Miller turned down a deal that would have made him the highest paid non-QB player in the league for deal of $114.5 million. That would have made him the best paid defensive player in the history of the sport. NFL betting fans (like myself) are probably salivating and daydreaming of what they would do with that kind of dough.

This seems like it could be trouble for the reigning world champions as they could be left with a very big gap in their defensive structure and with their heart and soul. Arguably, Von Miller (with the departure of Peyton Manning) might be their biggest most recognizable player.

At the time, prior to any formal decision either way the odds for the Denver Broncos to become back to back Super Bowl Champs are: +1925, after the NFL draft it was +1625. This demonstrates the real effect losing Miller would have on Denver, betting wise. Despite not having a stalwart offense, the Broncos depend on their magnificent defense to stay intact if they wanted to pull another deep run on the post season. For that to happen, they need Von Miller.

But what is the core of the dispute? Well according to NFL betting experts, it is a matter of guaranteed money. Miller reportedly rejected a guarantee of the first two years of $39.8 million with additional $19 million for the third year. According to reports, the structure of the deal only carries an injury-only protection. Miller knows that without the franchise tag, he is able to leverage and negotiate a better deal that would ensure him a lot more money. He wants to stay in Denver but the recent contract dispute has soured his relationship with team president John Elway. As he threatens to hold out for the 2016 season, experts believe that the contract dispute will resolve soon. Both sides have until July 15th to formally strike a deal. Until then the fate of the Broncos appear to be up in the air.