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“Various Total Props” Prop Bets Super Bowl Fans Will Love

The Super Bowl isn’t like any other game. That’s for any number of reasons that have to do with the game: the teams that have been through the gauntlet. They went through an entire season and postseason, just to get to this point. The Super Bowl isn’t like any other game for another reason, too: there are plenty of bets that have nothing to do with the game. At our site, you’ll be able to bet on the kinds of prop bets that you’ve never been able to bet on anywhere else. It will make you a big winner, in addition to having plenty of fun, too. We’ve got prop bets Super Bowl fans will adore. 

Prop Bets Super Bowl Quarterbacks

When it comes to great quarterbacks, this Super Bowl may have the best matchup ever. Tom Brady, the Great Winner, towards the end of his career, will play against one of the few players that may just have a chance to catch some of Tom’s records: Pat Mahomes. These are two of the best ever, in terms of talent, and so much more. So, it makes sense that many of our prop bets will have something to do with the quarterbacks. 

You can bet on the number of total pass completions in the game. As of this writing, the over/under is 52.5. That said, it could be that Tampa runs the ball quite often in this game. After all, they’ve got a good run game, and the Chiefs’ defense is certainly susceptible to the run. That said, the Chiefs might run, too – Mahomes can take off himself. This is a bet that, like so many others, really could go either way. 

Additionally, we’ve got a bet on “Total QB Sacks in the Game.” Currently, that’s at 4.5, over or under. Remember: that’s for both teams. So, you could think that the Chiefs or Bucs are going to get to the other QB five times while protecting their own guy. How do you feel about the pass rush and the offensive line? Both lines are great. But, in our current era, five combined sacks aren’t all that many. How do you see it going? 

Quarters, Halves, and More

“It’s not over till it’s over.” That’s true in every game. It’s especially true in the Super Bowl, perhaps, the one sporting event that everyone watches. How many times throughout the game’s history has one team or another come back to win in the fourth quarter? You may have experienced this yourself or you may have talked to other bettors who’ve gone through it, but it can be extremely frustrating to have bet one team to win the game, they’re leading after three quarters, and then lose it at the end. 

That team may have lost the game, but you don’t have to. At our site, we make it possible to bet on who’s ahead after each quarter. The first, second, or third, you can bet and win with who’s ahead. By that same token, you can bet for how much they’re ahead by, too. Maybe you’ve got a good feel for which team is going to come out of the gate strong, and which will be sluggish. You can always go for player props betting if you’re feeling lucky.

That said, perhaps you know which team will be able to better make those all-important halftime adjustments, and then be able to come out strong and take control in the third quarter. We allow you to win with that. In fact, if you bet this way, you could win throughout the game, culminating in the big win at the end. You can even bet on who’s going to score touchdowns, field goals, and more, quarter by quarter. It’s always our goal to give you as many ways to win the Super Bowl as possible. Good luck to you, your team, your bets, and everyone else on this coming Super Bowl Sunday!