The Top 2019 NFL Draft Grades from this past Draft Cycle

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
2019 NFL Draft Grades

The NFL Draft has come and gone leaving online NFL betting wondering which teams came out on top. To help answer that wonder, we’re dishing out the 2019 NFL Draft Grades for the teams that undoubtedly came out on top. Naturally this guide will help bettors determine which teams to back as the start of the 2019 NFL season approaches. There’s still a good portion of the NFL offseason to get through but these are still some teams sports betting fans want to keep in mind. So let’s jump right into these ranking grades.

2019 NFL Draft Grades: Best of the Best

New England Patriots: A+

The Patriots might have come away with the best draft class out of the entire NFL. Their pick of Joejuan Williams in the second round saw them add a talented defensive back fairly late in the draft. Although their first-round pick of N’Keal Harry has raised questions, the rest of their additions were substantial. Chase Winovich could develop into a defensive franchise player. The Pats are notorious for their uncanny ability to rebuild year after year and this is just another example.

Arizona Cardinals: A+

The Cardinals took a shot by drafting 5’10” quarterback Kyler Murray in the first round. It’s undoubtedly rare to see a quarterback with that height in the NFL and even rarer to see a team take one in the first round. However, the rest of their picks, including second round corner Byron Murphy, are beyond reproach. Murphy should develop into a talented nickel corner that could spell trouble for the pass-heavy NFC West. Andy Isabella is also name that sticks out that could help reshape that Arizona offense.

Washington Redskins: A

Dwayne Haskins received positive reviews from NFL experts leading up to the draft. In the end Washington decided to snag him, which led to them receiving high marks on this list. All in all he should develop into a long-term quarterback that they can build a franchise around. The latest and best trend in the NFL is to build a team around a young, talented quarterback who doesn’t cripple the salary cap. Needless to say, Washington could have their man. Also, Montez Sweat is a beast and Washington traded in order to ensure that they got him.

Jacksonville Jaguars: A

Josh Allen is a talented player that is bound to help boost the Jaguars’ defense. Heading into last year’s season, many pundits believed Jacksonville had the best defense in the NFL. While they started great, it became clear that we were expecting a bit much out of Jacksonville. Because of this, Allen’s acquisition should help Jacksonville restore their defensive reputation. Their pass rush undoubtedly needed help and Allen is definitely the man to do it. Offensively the Jags also bolstered their ranks by adding tight end Josh Oliver in the 3rd and tack Jawaan Taylor in the second.

Los Angeles Chargers: B+

First off, third round tackle Trey Pipkins is a questionable pick. He’s from Sioux Falls and even his contemporaries from there thought the same. However, the addition of Jerry Tiller in the first round is a great pick. Tillery is a talented defensive tackle that will be tremendous help to Bosa. They also strengthened their defensive line by snagging defensive tackle Cortez Broughton in the seventh.