The Place for NFC East Predictions 2022: Division Winner Odds, Best Bet

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFC East Predictions 2022

Are you looking to bet the NFC East? Can you figure this division out? It’s a weird one, as odd as any in football. Are all of the teams good? Are just a couple of them? Do the Cowboys have a Super Bowl contender? Are the Eagles ready to fly again with all of their additions? And what of the Giants and (now) the Commanders? Here, you can find all of the NFC East Predictions 2022: Division Winner Odds, Best Bet, and more. 

Best Bet: the Birds 

The Eagles may not be “back” in terms of being a Super Bowl contender yet. But, they very well may be the best bet/value pick to win this division. The Eagles were supposed to have a rebuilding year last year. And, in a way, they did. But, like the best rebuilding years, they went to the playoffs anyway. Sure, they lost to Brady and the Bucs, but they went to the playoffs in a year that very few folks thought they would. 

What is impressive about the Philadelphia Eagles is that a lot of the pieces are in place. Now, with a great wide receiver, the wideouts are set. The defense was already good, but they’ve made it even better. Haason Reddick is the real thing and a great addition. James Bradberry is no slouch, making the secondary even stronger. That said, Jordan Davis very well could be the best player in the draft. If he’s used right, he could make the Birds very, very tough to run on. 

So, with the Eagles, it’s going to come down to Jalen Hurts. Do you believe he’s a franchise quarterback? Is he a guy that can lead a team to a division win? Now, he doesn’t have to do all of this by himself. It’s not all on his shoulders. But, can he be the guy? If he can, then you gotta think the Birds are going to fly again. 

There’s a big reason we have them as a “best bet” – they’re not getting the best odds.  Right now, you can get the Birds for low odds and you may want to do so. 

The Rest of the NFC East Predictions 2022

The Cowboys aren’t going away. With Dak and company, this could always be the year that it all comes together for the Boys again. The problem is that so many of us have been burned before by the Cowboys. Last year, they lost to a very good SF team in their stadium in a game that many thought they were going to win. Can the Boys build on that for 2022-2023? 

If you’re looking at the odds, the Boys are the favorites in the NFC East again. Makes sense. They have the best team on paper, certainly. They still have Dak, still have plenty of studs. But, they’ve lost something too this off-season. La’el Collins and Connor Williams have moved on. Amari left and so did Cedrick Wilson. Even Randy Gregory went north. 

That doesn’t mean the Cowboys are going to be weak, mind you. Indeed, they’re still the favorites to win the division and maybe even go further. But, they’re also the odds on favorite, not making them the “best bet” for your money, so to speak. 

As to the Giants and the Commanders, egads. Where do you want to start? Each team has players that any team would love to have on their side (perhaps the Commanders more so than the Giants) but both seem like they’ll be fighting to avoid the NFC East basement. Yes, the Giants do have some new blood coming in, and Carson Wentz isn’t all that removed from glory. 

But, neither of these teams really seem to be building towards something. Each seems like they’re stuck in place, waiting for something to happen. Now, they could certainly win some games in the division (there’s a reason records go out the window during division games) but even then, it’s going to be tough. 

As ever, you’ll be able to bet all football games here at BetNow. Good luck!