The Once And Future Vikings

Posted by: Mike Davis
Bet on Vikings vs Jaguars NFL Week 14

The Minnesota Vikings came into the 2016 online NFL betting season as the reigning NFC North champions. The best sportsbooks didn’t have the Vikings pegged as the favorites to win the division again this year, but the way Minnesota came out of the gate convinced nearly all critics of this team’s playoff chances. Minnesota opened the season by winning their first 5 contests, which included 4 wins over teams thought to have been playoff contenders (the Packers, Panthers, Giants and Texans). But after their impressive start, the Vikings were forced to take an early Bye Week and although this is usually a time for NFL teams to rest their wounds, the Bye Week ultimately became the Vikings undoing.

After the bye the Vikings would go on to lose 4 consecutive games, essentially undoing all the hard work they had done in the first half of the season. Minnesota would eventually bounce back by snagging a win against the Arizona Cardinals, but the good fortune would not last as Minnesota would go on to lose two straight games. At 6-6, the Vikings find themselves tied for 2nd in the NFC North, two games behind the Detroit Lions. Minnesota’s playoff hopes are still legitimate, but they’ll certainly need a win this upcoming weekend. In Week 14 the Vikings will have to face off against the unremarkable Jacksonville Jaguars. Let’s see what the football betting lines divine for this matchup.

NFL Odds – Week 14 – Sunday, December 11th 

Minnesota Vikings -3½ (-105) 39½ (-110)
Jacksonville Jaguars +3½ (-115) 39½ (-110)

As is routine, the online NFL betting odds have sided with the team with the better record. At 2-10, the Jaguars don’t represent much of a threat to anyone, but they will still provide a moderate challenge for the struggling Vikings. Interestingly enough, both of these teams have a similar makeup; a pitiful offense backed by a pretty good defense.

Minnesota will be coming into this contest with the NFL’s worst rushing offense, the 25th worst passing offense, and the 31st worst total offense. On defense the Vikings look much better and will be heading into Sunday’s game with the 17th best rushing defense, the 4th best pass defense, and the 3rd best total defense. Jacksonville also has good numbers on defense and they currently rank as the 24th best rushing defense, the 2nd best pass defense, and the 4th best total defense. However the Jaguars’ offense is severely lacking; they have the 22nd worst rushing offense, the 22nd worst passing offense, and the 22nd worst total offense. It is a bit ironic to see two teams have such similar numbers but drastically different records. This Sunday, the online NFL betting community will find out whose defense is better; the Jaguars or the Vikings?