Texans Looking to Pick Up an Easy Win over the Jags

Posted by: Mike Davis
Texans vs Jaguars Betting on Week 15

At the start of the season, online sportsbooks weren’t quite sure which AFC South team would be laying claim of the division in 2016. 14 online NFL gambling weeks later and we’re still not entirely sure which team will be winning the AFC South this season. The current standings have the Houston Texans leading the division at 7-6. However, right on the heels of Houston are the 7-6 Tennessee Titans and 6-7 Indianapolis Colts. With three games left in the season, how each team fares in the remaining contests will indubitably determine who wins the South and ultimately who makes the playoffs. Considering the current rankings it’s safe to say that the division is Houston’s to lose. Luckily enough for the Texans, they face pretty easy opposition in the coming weeks.

In Week 15 the Houston Texans will be welcoming the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Lone Star state in order to face off at the NRG Stadium. This contest will mark the second time these divisional foes face other this season, with the Texans scraping by in the first round 24-21. Considering the Texans are 5-1 at home and that the Jaguars have a 2-11 record, the online NFL gambling odds are likely to rule in Houston’s favor.

NFL Odds – Week 15 – Sunday, December 18th 

Houston Texans -6 (-110) 39 (-110) -240
Jacksonville Jaguars +6 (-110) 39 (-110) +200

As common sense would imply, the football betting lines are heavily siding with the Texans this Sunday. Houston might have had a hard time beating the Jaguars earlier this season, but the win they scored against the Indianapolis Colts this past weekend should give them enough momentum to score an easy victory this Sunday. The Jaguars on the other hand, will be coming in with their tail hanging between their legs after losing the last 8 games consecutively.

Additionally, the Texans shouldn’t struggle too terribly this Sunday since they matchup so well against the Jaguars. Last season Jacksonville led the league in plays over 20 yards. This season however, the Jaguars offense has been one of the most disappointing in the NFL. Heading into this game the Jaguars will sport the 21st worst rushing offense, 21st worst passing offense, and the 23rd worst total offense. The only thing Jacksonville can brag about is their pass defense, which ranks as the 4th best in the league. Unfortunately for the Jaguars, the Texans aren’t a passing team. Despite the costly preseason addition of Brock Osweiler, the Texans have the 30th worst passing offense. However, they have the league’s 5th best running game. And since Jacksonville has the 23rd worst rushing defense in the NFL, the Texans have a great matchup to exploit this online NFL gambling weekend.