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Tennessee Hoping For A Titanic Showing Against the Bolts

Posted by: Mike Davis
Chargers vs Titans NFL Week 9 Betting Preview

The Tennessee Titans had a pretty rough year in 2015. After failing to amass any type of success, the Titans organization decided to part ways with Ken Whisenhunt. In all fairness, Whisenhunt didn’t get a terribly long amount of time to prove himself, but the way the Titans started 2015 was so disastrous that the franchise didn’t have much of a choice. It’s been a long ways off since the Titans have been labeled online NFL betting favorites, but the way they’ve been playing in 2016 is a step in the right direction.

Currently the Titans are at 4-4 which is already an improvement from their 2015 record of 3-13. Under Mike Mularkey, the Titans have certainly begun to show development, but there is still plenty of room for refinement. In Week 9 the Titans will be traveling to California to take on the San Diego Chargers. What kind of odds are most football betting sites giving the Titans in their contest against the Chargers?

NFL Odds – Week 9 – Sunday, November 6th

San Diego Chargers -5 (-110) 47 (-110) -215
Tennessee Titans +5 (-110) 47 (-110) +185

Once again, the online NFL betting odds are hating on the Titans. Even though the Chargers have a worse record, 3-5, the odds are still convinced the Chargers will be coming out on top this Sunday. Considering that the Raiders have a better win percentage, there must be something about the Chargers that has convinced the bookies to side with them in this matchup. But looking over San Diego’s numbers, that something might not be so easy to find.

Statistically speaking, the Chargers are a pretty average team. Offensively the Chargers have the 24th worst rushing offense, the 7th best passing offense, which combine to give San Diego the 12th best total offense in the league. With Phillip Rivers under center, the Chargers have garnered a reputation for having an elite passing offense and this year is no different. While their offense might not be terrible, San Diego’s defense might be, specifically their pass defense. Currently the Chargers have the 24th worst pass defense in the NFL, which is bound to put a smile on Marcus Mariota’s face. Even though they haven’t been able to stop the pass, the Chargers have been pretty good against the run. Right now, the Chargers have the 6th best run defense in the NFL. With that in mind fans can expect the Titans’ game plan to revolve around passing the ball.

Unfortunately for the Titans, they don’t exactly have the best passing offense in the league. Heading into Week 9, the Titans have the 26th worst passing offense in the league, but they do have the 3rd best running offense in the NFL. There’s no doubt that Mularkey is on the hot seat and desperately needs results, so it’ll be interesting to see if he opts to try and pass the ball against a weak passing defense, or try to stick with his team’s strength and run the ball against a pretty good run defense. Either way, Mularkey can be certain that the online NFL betting community will be here to congratulate him, or bid him farewell.