Teams Least Likely to Represent the AFC in the Super Bowl

Posted by: Charlie Smith
AFC in the Super Bowl

This time of the year is bittersweet for NFL betting fans. On one hand, playoff football is the best there is but on the other, reaching the postseason means that soon there won’t be any more football. In less than a month sportsbook fans will be making their Super Bowl picks while preparing to sit down and watch the big game. Which two teams will be competing is still uncertain but trying to predict the matchup before Wild Card weekend can be a lucrative affair. With that in mind, let’s take a look at which teams have the best chances to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.


Houston Texans +3550

Kansas City Chiefs +440

Miami Dolphins +4850

New England Patriots -150

Oakland Raiders +4800

Pittsburgh Steelers +435

Of the lot, the Miami Dolphins are entering the playoffs with the worst chances of winning the AFC. However, both the Texans and Raiders are right behind the Dolphins with some pretty unfavorable odds. Inarguably, the reason the sportsbooks are looking at these teams adversely is because of their quarterbacks, or lack thereof.

Houston has one of the most ironic situations at the quarterback position. After becoming the laughing stock of the NFL for the ludicrous contract they offered Brock Osweiler during the offseason, the Texans had no choice but to bench the bust 15 weeks into the season. Having to bench your $72 million quarterback can seem ridiculous but most of the internet approved of the decision. Tom Savage was able to come into that contest against the Jaguars in Week 15 and win the game for Houston and he was also able to lead them to a victory against the Bengals the following week. However, the makeshift quarterback would not last as Savage suffered a concussion in the final week of the season. It’s unclear if he will be able to return to the gridiron this weekend, but even if he did it’s unlikely that he’d be at a 100%. Putting Osweiler back as the starter is arguably worse; just imagine how low his confidence is right now.

The Raiders haven’t made a playoff appearance since their Super Bowl run 15 years ago. But since their offense is lifeless without Derek Carr – who will be missing the postseason because of a broken fibula, it’s unlikely that they’ll get too far into the postseason and the odds reflect that.

Like the Raiders, the Miami Dolphins have also suffered an injury at the quarterback position. Ryan Tannehill suffered a knee injury in Week 14 in the Dolphins contest against the Cardinals.  Tannehill didn’t play for the rest of the season but might be able to play this Sunday. However, the Dolphins might actually be better off with Matt Moore as their starter. Moore only played 4 games this season but they were against pretty good defenses. Overall, Moore finished those contests with 8 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, and a passer rating of 105.6. Tannehill on the other hand threw for 19 touchdowns, 12 interceptions and a passer rating of 93.5 in 13 games. The sportsbooks don’t think Miami will get too far, but Moore might give them better chances of winning this upcoming weekend.