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Suspensions Plague NFL Betting Once Again

NFL betting is heavily affected when players miss games due to injury. It’s extremely frustrating to see your pick lose solely due to an injury. What’s even more frustrating is seeing players get suspended for the off field activities. The NFL’s bad boy Johnny Manziel is making headlines once again, and to no ones’ surprise he’s being as infamous as ever. Fresh off the wire Manziel has been suspended for four games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Manziel has been a disappointment since he stepped foot inside the NFL, both on and off the field. While Manziel’ suspension will no longer affect the Browns’, there is another player facing a suspension.

Cowboys’ linebacker Rolando McClain is facing a 10 game suspension for also violating the league’s substance abuse policy. This is isn’t the first time McClain faces disciplinary action, last season he missed out on the first four games for violating the same policy. The Cowboys re-signed the 26-year-old linebacker to his third one-year deal and after this shenanigan they’re going to be hesitant to offer him another one. If McClain is looking to stay with Dallas he is going to have to have one hell of a performance in the final 6 games of the season. That’s if they even let him on the field; after playing so long without him who knows what the Cowboys will be leaning towards. The collective bargaining agreement has stipulations in place that could force McClain to repay his $750,000 signing bonus that he had received as part of the contract. However, the Cowboys could elect to release him, and he would be exempt from that refund. Dallas has more than enough money, but their depth on defense is being challenged by suspensions. The Cowboys have already lost two defensive ends for the first four games. With McClain gone the Cowboys will likely be forced to move Anthony Hitchens to the middle, Sean Lee will likely become the designated weak-side linebacker, and they’ll have to contend with the likes of Kyle Wilber, Andrew Gachkar, Damien Wilson, or Mark Nzeocha for the strong-side linebacker position. It’ll be interesting to see how the organization decides to move forward. One person who does have to move forward is Johnny Manziel.

Johnny Football’s future in the NFL is as bright as Vantablack. For those who aren’t too inclined to the sciences, Vantablack is the blackest substance currently known. It absorbs an astonishing 99.965% of visible light, just like Manziel absorbed 99.965% of every opportunity thrown his way. If there had been a sportsbook posting a wager within the NFL betting that Manziel would’ve screwed up off the field again, then 99.965% of sportsbook users would have taken that bet. This latest suspension might not even be the last reprimand that Manziel faces. The NFL is currently investigating an unresolved assault case in Dallas. If for some miraculous reason Manziel finds a club that is willing to sign him, he would then be subject to additional disciplinary action. It’s unlikely that any team in the NFL would take such a high gamble, considering Manziel’s poor performance on the field and his partying habits off of it.