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Suspension or not, Patriots still Favorites

Despite Roger Goodell’s attempts of sidelining Tom Brady for the first four games of the NFL 2016 season, the Patriots remain as the NFL betting favorites to win Super Bowl LI. While there is a widespread belief that Brady will be able to sort out the legal problems and lead the Patriots, it is also a common notion that the Patriots have a good chance of sorting those four games without him.

The Pats open up first going to Arizona and facing the Cardinals, then they have a three game stint at Foxboro. There they will face the Dolphins, Texans and Bills. Conservatively, on all four games, New England are the favorites to win them all for those who bet on NFL. Regardless if Jimmy Garoppolo ends up being the starting QB in all four games, the Patriots have constructed a strong unit of players on both ends. Offensively, they have enough weaponry to be considered the top team in the league, despite not having one of the greatest QBs of all time throwing the football for them.

The NFL betting that they will enforce a punishment on Tom Brady, has earned them a lot of criticism, all focused on commissioner Roger Goodell. The outcome of the legal preceding that will continue in the next coming months, probably deserves a line of its own as currently it is a toss up, as there is absolutely no real certainty on how Brady’s appeal will pan out. And it seems that we are headed for a legal skirmish, since Goodell himself has denied that there has been settlement talks between both side, nor there will be any talks of that nature in the coming weeks. For Brady and their supporters, they believe that Brady should fight to upkeep the original decision that through out the initial four game ban last season. For Goodell and, by default, the league it is crucial to stick to their guns and have Brady suspended as it would be a proverbial egg in the face, if 12 is able to flex more muscle than them this off season.

In the Patriots camp there is cautious optimism in this matter and while this is going on, they are likely to handle the issue the same way they did last year, by preparing both QBs to start the season. Jimmy Garoppolo, has proven in the few minutes on the field that he is talented enough to handle the weight of the games in question, and the Patriots have proven on several occasions that they are more than just Brady’s supporting cast. NFL betting fans best bet will be to keep them as the favorites as suspension or not, this offseason will only add fuel to their fire, in their quest to win another Super Bowl, and then Roger Goodell himself will have to hand Tom Brady the trophy. Imagine just how great/awkward would that be.