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Super Bowl Props Betting Action! (Over 500 Lines Available)

Posted by: Mike Davis
Super Bowl Props Betting

This year’s Super Bowl betting action has a bit in store for everyone. Mobile betting players who are uncertain as to who will win the NFL’s title game can take part in our amazing Super Bowl props betting action. In fact, we’ve assembled over 500 different prop lines to fill your betting needs! Props betting allows bettors to wager on a myriad of events, from which players will score 3 touchdowns in the game to how long Gladys Knight’s national anthem will last. But before we check out the most popular props lines for this year’s Super Bowl, let’s run over some Super Bowl LII basic info.

Super Bowl LII – New England vs. Los Angeles – Sunday, February 3rd    

When: 6:30 pm ET

Where: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia


Stream: CBS Sports, NFL Game Pass

NFL Online Betting Odds:

Patriots -2½ (-110) 56½ (-105) -140
Rams +2½ (-110) 56½ (-115) +120
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Best Super Bowl Props Betting Lines

To help spice up your NFL online betting action, we’ve put out Super Bowl props betting lines on just about everything imaginable. Naturally there’s a ton of prop lines to mill through. So to help ease up the load, we’ve assembled this list of the best and most popular prop lines. Let’s take an NFL sportsbook look.

How Long will Gladys Knight’s National Anthem Last?

This prop line allows you to make a prediction on how long Gladys Knight’s national anthem will take. Currently the line is set at over/under 147 seconds. The over has a payout of -170 while the under is set at +130. Historically speaking, we’ve only heard Gladys cover the national anthem once a little over 28 years ago. That rendition ended up spanning a minute and 37 seconds, which would suggest the UNDER here. However, the recent length has been 1 minute and 58 seconds, so take that into consideration before making your bet. There are other prop lines available for Gladys Knight’s national anthem rendition. This includes what she will be wearing or if she will omit a word from her cover.

Will Any Player take a Knee during the National Anthem?

This one is a bit of a blast from the past, when the NFL was making headlines for more controversial matter. Things have certainly died down a bit since then but it’s still something you can bet on. The YES is offering a +300 payout while NO is pegged at -500.

How Many Plays will Tony Romo Correctly Predict?

Anyone who has watched Tony Romo’s commentary this season knows the former player has a knack for this sort of thing. In fact, it’s no understatement to call Romo a football genius. But on the biggest stage, will Romo accurately predict the plays with all the chips on the table? The over/under is set at 7 ½ with the UNDER offering a better payout at -110 and the OVER pegged at -120. This is interesting because it seems sportsbooks are banking on Romo accurately predicting a plethora of plays.

Player Props

These prop lines are for individual players. These basically cover what a single player will do in the game. Common lines include whether a player will score 3 TDs in a game, who will score the 1st TD, or who will be the first player to be flagged. Naturally the odds on these lines vary depending on the talent of the player and so on. Ultimately these offer a ton of opportunities to rack up some value when betting on Super Bowl LIII.

And Much, Much More!

In addition to the aforementioned lines, you can find a ton of other prop lines at BetNow. In fact, we have over 500 different prop lines for you to make the most out of your Super Bowl betting action. Feel free to check out our top online sportsbook section to get a better idea of what’s on the table.