Super Bowl LV: Expert Prop Bets, Spreads, Line and Odds

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Super Bowl LV Expert Prop Bets Spreads Line and Odds

The biggest question is if the Buccaneers have all that it takes to prevent the Chiefs from winning on their home turf. This year’s NFL Super Bowl LV is loaded with the best prop bets on some of the top players from each team. Tampa Bay Buccaneers will try their best with Tom Brady calling the shots. Yet, the odds are slanting towards Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs squad. Both quarterbacks have proved their worth and they have certainly made it past some of the toughest opponents. Brady has come a long way in his career and Mahomes is still to contribute for the Chiefs. At this point, it depends on teamwork and each player’s contribution to winning the Super Bowl. The Chiefs will look forward to record history and the Bucs are keen on making a difference this season.

Kansas City Chiefs Spreads and Lines

Kansas City Chiefs turned out to be the favorite for this year to win the 2021 Super Bowl. The spreads and lines have been in favor of the Chiefs, but the Buccaneers are not ready to give up with ease. If the Chiefs made a few mistakes with their overall performance, the Bucs are bound to take advantage of that situation.

Kansas City Chiefs Predicted Touchdowns Scored

Kansas City Chiefs Moneyline
0 Touchdowns +2200
1 Touchdown +650
2 Touchdowns +300
3 Touchdowns +250
4  Touchdowns +280
5 Touchdowns +450
6 Touchdowns +400

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Spreads and Lines

Tampa Bay Buccaneers might have lost against the Chiefs, but it was just a three-point difference in their score. The Buccaneers are equally good as they took out some of the top teams. On the other hand, Kansas City holds the best record in the regular season and they are all set to take out the Bucs once again. Tom Brady and his team will need more focus on their performance, especially when it comes to scoring those extra points.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Predicted Touchdowns Scored

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Moneyline
0 Touchdowns +1400
1 Touchdown +450
2 Touchdowns +250
3 Touchdowns +220
4  Touchdowns +300
5 Touchdowns +600
6 Touchdowns +700

Super Bowl LV: Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneer Betting Odds

The odds for the Chiefs to win are high, but Tampa Bay has some of the top player prop bets in their favor. Kansas City Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes to call the shots. Tampa Bay has Tom Brady and that alone boosts their confidence. However, Tampa Bay will need to work well as a single unit if they want to prevent the Chiefs from scoring. Tampa has a neat running game that has helped them get past some of the big guns in their regular season. As for the odds and lines, Kansas City Chiefs seem to hold the key to success.