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Super Bowl LV: Chiefs vs Buccaneers Prop Bets, Predictions and More!

With just two days left for the Super Bowl LV: Chiefs vs Buccaneers to take place, prop betting has taken a whole new level with all the odds and lines on top players. Kansas City Chiefs will try to repeat history after their last successful season. The Chiefs dominated the regular season equally and they are looking forward to taking out the Buccaneers at home. Tampa Bay will not budge with ease as they dominated most of their opponents in their regular season. The Buccaneers were one of those major threats and they will not make it an easy victory for the Chiefs. The Bucs lost their Week 12 game against Kansas City with just a three-point difference. The odds are out as both teams kick-off in an epic game that will take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Kansas City Chiefs Prop Bets

Kansas City Chiefs have several prop bets on their team including their top players. The Chiefs are sure to get some of those bets right as quarterback Patrick Mahomes is bound to play. Mahomes is one of those top players to hold the prop bets for Kansas City. During their regular season, Kansas City completed an average of 303.4 passing yards per game and they certainly took out several opponents with the help of Mahomes and his squad.

Kansas City Chiefs Total Field Goals Prediction

Kansas City ChiefsMoneyline
Over 1-125
Under 1-115
Exactly 1+350

Kansas City Chiefs Total Touchdown Predictions

Kansas City ChiefsMoneyline
Over 4+200
Under 4-125
Exactly 4+300

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Prop Bets

There is no doubt that Tom Brady is the one that leads all prop bets for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady is strong with an impressive career, but this will not be easy against a tough Kansas squad. The Buccaneers will need to work well as a whole unit and not just depend on one player. Tampa Bay had a close call against the Chiefs in their Week 12 game, but they also failed to get those extra points. The Bucs have surprised their fans with their incredible performance against the Green Bay Packers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Total Field Goals Prediction

Tampa Bay BuccaneersMoneyline
Over 2-185
Under 2+325
Exactly 2+300

Kansas City Chiefs Total Touchdown Prediction

Tampa Bay BuccaneersMoneyline
Over 4+300
Under 4-200
Exactly 4+325

Super Bowl LV: Chiefs vs Buccaneers Team Props and Odds

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are currently the leading quarterbacks with two of the best NFL teams this season. Both players have come a long way and their final battle is yet to take place. The nfl props betting has never been easier for bettors to place their bets with all the information intact. The Chiefs might hold the key to success in this game with the help of their top players in the right spot. Kansas City Chiefs also have Travis Kelce as their tight end who has contributed his best this season. That said, keeping an eye on prop bets for Patrick Mahomes will be a wise decision.