NFL Betting Sites Present Super Bowl LII MVP Betting Options

Posted by: Mike Davis
Super Bowl LII MVP Betting Odds

Now that we know which teams will compete for a Super Bowl title, online NFL betting players are scrambling to find the latest tidbits on this year’s championship match. From comparing offenses and defenses, to look over depth and injuries, bettors are leaving no stone unturned in their search of any information that could give them an upper hand when betting on this year’s Super Bowl. Nevertheless, apart from picking a straight up winner, top sportsbook players should consider taking the Super Bowl LII MVP betting line.

Super Bowl LII MVP Betting Super Bowl LII MVP betting is primarily concerned with figuring out which player will outperform the rest. Or in other words; which player had the largest impact on his team’s win. And judging by what we’ve seen out of Patriots’ Super Bowl victories, most players will be backing Tom Brady for this line. But without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the biggest favorites for this year’s Super Bowl MVP race.


Super Bowl LII MVP Betting Odds – Sunday, February 4th

Tom Brady || -175 

Unsurprisingly, No. 12 is pegged as the favorite to win this year’s Super Bowl MVP award. As aforementioned, Brady has had pretty good luck banking in this award. Of the 5 Super Bowl titles Brady has led New England to, the quarterback ended up winning 4 MVP trophies. That’s a pretty high percentile, which has led online NFL betting sites to peg Brady as the favorite to win this trophy. All in all, Brady is a great option for players looking to rack up some nice parlay and picks on Super Bowl LII.

Nick Foles || +300

Predictably, the opposing team’s quarterback is facing the second best odds of pulling in this trophy. This is to be expected, since quarterbacks have won the award 28 times out of the total 51 Super Bowls that have been played. However, it seems a bit ludicrous to back a backup quarterback over the legend that is Brady. All in all, the odds aren’t even that great for that level of risk. In fact, you’d probably be better off backing a Philadelphia defender.

Fletcher Cox || +3000

That brings us to next name on the list, Philly’s defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. Of the total field, Cox is facing some of the most favorable odds – for defenders that is. Nevertheless, the odds should give you an idea of how dominant Cox is on the defensive line and just how big of an impact Cox could possibly have. In the history of the MVP award, defensive linemen have won the award three times. It’s not often, but the odds certainly make a worth wager on Cox worthwhile.

Devin McCourty || +10000

For the last name on the list, we decided to profile a New England defender. The reason being, it’s extremely unlikely for someone on the Pats’ offense to win the MVP award over Brady. So with that in mind, we decided to profile McCourty – whose line is offering an even bigger payout than the aforementioned names on the list.

Devin McCourty plays free safety for the Patriots. In the history of the Super Bowl MVP award, two safeties have won the award. With that in mind, it’s clear that it’s not unthinkable for McCourty to walk away with the award. Especially since he’ll be lining up against a backup quarterback.