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Sportsbooks Scope out Toughest Divisions in NFL

The online NFL betting season is in sight and pretty soon online betting sites will be picking their favorites to win the Super Bowl. Crucial to getting a shot at the Vince Lombardi trophy is punching a ticket to the playoffs. With that in mind, and putting Wild Cards aside, let’s take a look at how the current divisions measure up. In other words, which NFL division is the toughest to win?

No. 8 – NFC West

Odds to Win:

Arizona Cardinals +325

Los Angeles Rams +2550

San Francisco 49ers +4050

Seattle Seahawks -290

The Seahawks are a shadow of their former selves (especially on offense), the 49ers can barely win 3 games a season – same goes for the Rams, and the Cardinals aren’t much of a guarantee. Seattle enters are the rightful sportsbook favorite in the division and they should come away with it, barring a miraculous performance from Carson Palmer.

No. 7 – AFC South

Odds to Win:

Houston Texans +225

Indianapolis Colts +230

Jacksonville Jaguars +690

Tennessee Titans +220

Out of all 8 divisions in the NFL, this one is the most up for grabs. All 4 teams have viable options at quarterback and running back, and capable defenses. Most online NFL betting fans will be watching the Texans closely to see how they’re able to develop Deshaun Watson. Houston undoubtedly wields the best defense in the division and their running game isn’t half bad. All they need to make a serious playoff push is a quarterback who can win a game in the 4th quarter. Anybody who watched last year’s NCAA championship knows Watson is that man, Houston just has to be able to develop him.

No. 6 – AFC North

Odds to Win:

Baltimore Ravens +320

Cincinnati Bengals +370

Cleveland Browns +5650

Pittsburgh Steelers -135

Had the Ravens or Bengals shown up last season this division would be much higher on this list. As things currently look, Pittsburgh has too many weapons on offense for any team to seriously compete with them. That said, the Bengals are notorious for following up a disappointing season with a playoff appearance. Too bad they can’t seem to win a postseason game. Also, you can never really rule out the Ravens in the preseason/offseason.

No. 5 – AFC East

Odds to Win:

Buffalo Bills +2050

Miami Dolphins +1025

New England Patriots -890

New York Jets +10,000

This is a tricky division to quantify as easy or difficult. From the vantage point of the New England Patriots, this is the easiest division in the league. But from the perspective of the other 3 teams on this list, it’s inarguably the most difficult. Lastly, for online NFL betting players, this might be the easiest division to predict.

No. 4 – NFC North

Chicago Bears +4050

Detroit Lions +700

Green Bay Packers -225

Minnesota Vikings +370

Honestly this could be higher up on this list but we just don’t how big of contenders the Minnesota Vikings will be. We know their defense is dominant, but will their offense be able to compete with the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford? Not likely. The Lions almost won the division last season, so they could give the Pack a hard time. No one knows how much success the Bears will find but most are betting it won’t be much. Accounting for the Packers’ offseason acquisitions, the North should be Green Bay all the way.

No. 3 – NFC South

Atlanta Falcons +175

Carolina Panthers +260

New Orleans Saints +460

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +350

Most online NFL betting fans might argue with this placing, but the NFC South has the makings to be one of the toughest divisions in the league. In the last two years, the South has represented the NFC in the Super Bowl. On top of that, the Bucs were on the verge of making the playoffs last season – something nobody saw coming.

No. 2 – AFC West

Denver Broncos +330

Kansas City Chiefs +240

Los Angeles Chargers +520

Oakland Raiders +175

The Chargers are known to deliver an impressive season out of nowhere. However, they’ll have to beat a happy and healthy Derek Carr, and two ferocious defenses in the Chiefs and Broncos. This is without a doubt one of the most competitive division in the AFC – scratch that, the NFL.

No. 1 – NFC East

Dallas Cowboys +135

New York Giants +260

Philadelphia Eagles +380

Washington Redskins +580

The thing that makes the NFC East the most competitive division in the NFL is how well-rounded all 4 teams are. Yes the Redskins could improve their defense, and the Cowboys and Eagles could use more experience, but as things stand right now all 4 teams are potential playoff picks.