Who is A Sportsbook Favorites to win the Super Bowl MVP?

Posted by: Mike Davis
Favorites to win the Super Bowl MVP

As NFL betting fans prepare to pick the winning side of the Super Bowl, sportsbooks are doing everything they can to offer as many lines for this year’s title game. Players who bet on football will have the opportunity to pick their choice of props from a spectrum of different options. One of the most lucrative lines available for this year’s Super Bowl involves which player will likely walk away with Super Bowl MVP honors.

Even though the NFL betting community is still in the dark regarding which player will walk away with MVP honors for the 2016-17 season, we can still take some wild guesses at which player will make the biggest impact in the Super Bowl. Obviously some players will have a better chance of winning the coveted award depending on which position they play as well as their history – like Tom Brady who has already won the award 3 times.

But that shouldn’t discourage sportsbook fans from taking a shot in the dark. Last year Von Miller, the Broncos’ linebacker, ended up making enough of a difference to win MVP honors. In 2009, Pittsburgh’s wide receiver Santonio Holmes ended up winning MVP, which further proves that anyone can win the award. Nevertheless, in the last 6 years a quarterback has won the award 5 times.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that quarterbacks have the biggest probability of making the largest impact, and ergo taking home the MVP award. But trying to predict outcomes in professional sports can be both arduous and profitable. So, let’s take a look at the NFL betting odds the most likely candidates are facing ahead of this year’s Super Bowl.


New England Patriots

Tom Brady -120

Julian Edelman +1525

Chris Hogan +3025

LaGarrette Blount +2025

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan +195

Julio Jones +1275

Devonta Freeman +225

Mohamed Sanu +6625

Unsurprisingly, Brady has the best odds of the lot. Under normal circumstances, Brady would be an odds on favorite to win the MVP award. But considering the size of the chip on Brady’s shoulder, picking any other candidate would be ill-advised. Brady took his vengeance out on the NFL during the regular season and posted an impressive 28 touchdowns to just 2 interceptions. Goodell will soon, barring a Falcons’ victory, have to hand the Super Bowl trophy to the Patriots organization and Brady will do everything he can to make sure Goodell has to hand him an additional trophy.

Matt Ryan has the second best odds to win the award and rightfully so. Ryan started the 2016 season red hot and hasn’t cooled off yet. The Falcons’ quarterback is one of the most likely candidates to take home the MVP award for the regular season and could very well walk away with the Super Bowl MVP award.

From there on out it’s a mix of receivers, linebackers, and running backs that have the most favorable odds. Surprisingly enough, Edelman actually has better odds than Jones, disregarding the fact that Jones is ubiquitously considered to be a better receiver.

For sportsbook fans, predicting who will win the highest individual honor available to a player is an entertaining affair. But football is a team sport and winning the Vince Lombardi trophy should be at the forefront of the aforementioned players’ mind.