Who is A Sportsbook Favorite to win MVP?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Who is A Sportsbook Favorite to win MVP?

After spending an entire season betting on NFL games, sportsbook fans have a pretty good idea of who the MVP is, or at least who should be in the MVP discussion. Unlike last season, where everyone knew that Cam Newton was deserving of MVP award, there are more contenders for the most prestigious single-player award available in the NFL than ever before. Of course, this is a good thing for fans of the sport. The more people lighting up the highlight reel, the more awe-inspiring football action there is to catch. So, since this year’s NFL regular season has concluded, which candidates are most deserving of the MVP award?

Since this is a passing league, it would make sense for list to be composed of mostly quarterbacks. This year, few quarterbacks enjoyed the consistent success that Matt Ryan displayed week in and week out.

Thanks to Ryan’s unfailing efforts, the Falcons had the NFL’s 3rd best passing offense as well as 2nd best total offense. Additionally, since the Falcons’ defense is so dismissible, there is no doubt to anyone betting on NFL games that the Falcons’ success can wholly be attributed to Ryan. Ryan would go on to finish the regular season with 38 passing touchdowns, 4,944 yards, and a 117.1 passer rating.

Most sportsbook fans would place Aaron Rodgers next on this list. The biggest argument about the Packers’ quarterback is Green Bay’s 4-6 start to the season. During that disappointing streak, all the sports pundits could talk about was what was wrong with the Packers, specifically; what was wrong with their star quarterback. Truth be told, Rodgers’ wasn’t playing his best football but he certainly wasn’t playing his best either. But after that calamitous start the former two-time MVP was able to improve his completion percentage by 5% and led the Packers to a 6-game win streak that was extended to 7 in the postseason. During that time Rodgers was able to throw for 19 touchdowns and 0 interceptions and has ubiquitously been referred to as the hottest quarterback in the Super Bowl era. Green Bay has been dragged to the playoffs by Rodgers’ better-than-superb play and two-time MVP is as a deserving candidate as any other, if not more so. Rodgers led the league in touchdown passes with 40 this season and threw for 4,428 yards and just 7 interceptions.

Another former MVP who is at the forefront of this year’s discussion is online Super Bowl betting favorite, Tom Brady. Although Brady delivered a phenomenal season, there are more than a few proponents who argue that Brady is unworthy of the MVP award. The reason being that the 3-time Super Bowl MVP missed 25% of the season due to a suspension. The suspension was handed out during the drama that was Deflategate and there’s no doubt that it’s Brady’s biggest blemish on a near flawless season. Additionally, the Patriots went 3-1 without Brady, which makes it seem like he isn’t that valuable to an already talented team. Brady finished the season throwing for 28 touchdowns, 3,554 yards, and just 2 interceptions. Brady is always a favorite when betting on NFL games but he might not be a sportsbook favorite for MVP predictions.