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Sizing Up Week 1’s Online NFL Betting Spread Bets

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor

The online NFL betting season is in sight, leaving sports wagering fans scrambling to find the best possible sportsbook lines for this upcoming season.

Since we’re still in the preseason, apart from futures predictions, bettors should shift the majority of their focus for any potential in Week 1’s matchups. One area of NFL betting that promises to deliver is spread betting.

NFL spread betting is more attractive than straight up betting because it gives you a window of opportunity to cash in on a winning bet. Instead of just picking the winner of a game, you get to decide whether or not a team will win by a certain amount or alternatively, whether or not a team will lose by a certain amount.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best NFL spread betting options for the league’s Week 1 matchups.


New England Patriots (-7 ½) -105 vs. Kansas City Chiefs (+7 ½) -115

This will be the 2017 season’s kick off game, pitting the defending Super Bowl champions against a worthy opponent.

The Patriots are obviously pegged as the sportsbook favorite, and most of the nation will be expecting them to win. Bill Belichick always has his teams ready to compete, even on opening day.

The big question here is whether or not the Pats will be able to cover the spread. The Chiefs have a decent defense, so it’s not wise to expect a big day from New England points wise. That said, the Pats have a great defense themselves, one that is more than capable of shutting out the Chiefs’ less than spectacular offense. Bottom line, it’s easy to imagine New England covering the spread.


Buffalo Bills (-6) -115 vs. New York Jets (+6) -105

There’s nothing better to get you excited for this upcoming online NFL betting season than a little AFC East rivalry.

Neither the Bills nor the Jets are coming off a good season and both teams will be looking to start the season out on a high note. No one really thinks they can win the East, but it’ll be good to increase fan interest in this year’s team.

The Bills are listed as the favorite and the sportsbook lines expect them to win by 6. Looking over the payouts, a bet on New York might seem more logical. Not because the Jets will walk away with it, but rather because these two teams are evenly matched and it’s hard to imagine Buffalo covering that spread, despite how their team feels about their 2017 chances.


Chicago Bears (+7) -115 vs. Atlanta Falcons (-7) -105

The Falcons enter the 2017 season hoping to avoid any mentions of their disappointing performance in last year’s Super Bowl.

Lucky for them, they’ll be facing the Bears out of the gate: a team with a mediocre defense and more questions than answers on offense. The Falcons come into this year’s season with a pretty big chip on their shoulder and they’ll be looking to take out a good deal of frustration on their Week 1 opponent.

Given how poor the Bears’ defense is, and how dynamic the Falcons are on offense – both through the air and on the ground, the Falcons should have no problem beating the Bears by 7.