Sizing Up the Big-Name Moves from the 2019 NFL Free Agency

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
2019 NFL Free Agency Grades

Although the 2019 Free Agency period doesn’t kick off until this Wednesday, online NFL betting players know that teams already have their negotiations practically set in stone. This is because the first day for legal tampering was this past Monday. So when Wednesday rolls around, teams already have their plans in motion. Granted those plans cannot be inked until Wednesday, giving much priority to this midweek. Nevertheless, the eager sports betting media already has some dirt on which deals are in place. This allows us to speculate and ultimately grade the moves we’re seeing. So here are our 2019 NFL Free Agency grades from what we’ve seen so far.

2019 NFL Free Agency Grades

Lions Snag Patriots DE Trey Flowers

Trey Flowers undoubtedly found himself at the top of the free agency list. He is unquestionably one of the better talents hitting the market. And since Detroit was in desperate need of an upgrade on the defensive line, this is a perfect move for them. Granted online NFL betting players probably saw this one coming, but the deal is all but inked now.

Flowers turned in 7 ½ sacks last season but was a constant voice inside the head of opposing quarters. This was because Flowers led the league in pressures last season. And since he can play from both inside and outside, the Lions have picked up some versatility as well. It should come as no surprise to see Patricia showing some love to Flowers since he coached him for 3 seasons.

Grade: A+

Raiders take Patriots LT Trent Brown

The Raiders need help on offense but it’s uncertain of Trent Brown is the way to go. Sure he’s a tremendously talented player, but he is getting up there in age. But that’s not necessarily the worst of it. In fact, the addition of Brown would be a great move in every measure of the word. However, the Raiders did pick up three tackles in the first three opening rounds of last year’s draft. Therefore making Brown the highest paid offensive lineman in the league seems a little questionable.

Apparently they’re looking to make last year’s first rounder switch to the right side. This would see Brown playing left tackle this year. Ultimately this is a bit questionable since most fans feel Brown is better on the right. At the end of the day it’s not surprising to see this kind of talk circling Oakland once again.

Grade: B-

Raiders Pick up Rams S Lamarcus Joyner

Believing that Antonio Brown and Trent Brown will be enough to spruce up their offense, Oakland has now switched focus to their defense. Joyner was a solid nickel corner for Los Angeles but it looks like Oakland will be using him strictly in the back-end. They needed help there so this is a pretty good move. Players learning how to bet on sports will have to see how this pans out.

Grade: A-

Redskins Land Giants S Landon Collins

Collins is one of the better safeties in the league who excels playing close to the line. While his addition makes Washington better without question, they might have shoveled out too much money to do so. Not only that, they signed him for a whopping 6-year commitment. This seems highly questionable judging from his age. A few years down the line and it wouldn’t be shocking to see Washington look to push this contract on another team.

Grade: C