Shoot Out in Atlanta

Posted by: Mike Davis
Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons NFL Week 8 Betting

The Green Bay Packers were one of this year’s online NFL betting favorites to win the Super Bowl. But from what we’ve seen so far, the Packers aren’t quite living up to their expectations. Green Bay’s season can best be described as a rollercoaster; full of ups and downs. At times they seem like a team destined to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. At other times, they seem like they’ll barely be able to win 8 games this season. But that’s the NFL, a league where you’re only as good as the last game you played. Luckily for the Packers, they played exceptional football in their last contest. But what do most football betting sites think about Green Bay in their Week 8 matchup?

Week 8 – Sunday, October 30th

Green Bay Packers +3 (-120) 53 (-110)
Atlanta Falcons -3 (EV) 53 (-110)

Since the Packers are facing the NFC South’s divisional leader, the online NFL betting odds have decided to favor the Falcons. Ultimately, the bookies decision makes perfect sense. Matt Ryan is on his way to winning this year’s MVP award. Through 7 games Ryan has already amassed 2,348. Needless to say, the 31-year old quarterback is leading the league. Ryan is 1st in yards, 2nd in touchdowns, and 3rd for passer rating. While there’s no denying Ryan’s talents, a large part of Ryan’s success can be attributed to his favorite receiver, Julio Jones.

Jones is everything you could possibly want from a receiver. He’s tall, fast, and knows how to high-point the football. Of the 2,000+ yards Ryan has thrown for this season, 830 of it can be attributed to Jones – that’s over a third. The difference one receiver can make is unbelievable, but it’s the problem facing the Packers in Week 8. Will Green Bay’s secondary be able to stop such an explosive offense?

Short answer, no. Green Bay has the 15th worst pass defense in the NFL. Coupled with the injury problems the Packers have been facing in their secondary, and it seems like the Falcons will be having no problem whatsoever this Sunday. The one thing the Falcons won’t be doing well is rushing the ball; the Packers have the best run defense in the league. But Atlanta’s game plan doesn’t revolve around running the ball. No, the Falcons are all about throwing the football. And who can blame them? They have the 2nd best passing offense in the NFL.

What this contest will boil down to is a shootout between two gunslingers; #2 and #12. There’s no question Ryan has been much better this season, but Aaron Rodgers is a two-time MVP (they don’t hand those out for nothing). No question about it, Rodgers has been struggling a bit this season. Whether it was because of a lack of confidence in his receivers or a dip in his accuracy is uncertain. But last Thursday Rodgers seemed to find his groove and put up an exceptional performance against the Chicago Bears, even setting a Packer’s record for most completions in a single game. The online NFL betting odds are convinced Ryan will be the better man, but you can never truly rule Rodgers out. Especially when he’s facing a pass defense that ranks as the 31st worst in the NFL.