Seahawks Need A Strong Finish to 2016 to Lock Up the West

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Seahawks Need A Strong Finish to 2016 to Lock Up the West

Throughout the 2016 online NFL betting season, each week clearer and clearer that the AFC West is indeed the toughest division in the league. With two teams sitting at 10-3, and the reigning Super Bowl champions sitting at 8-3, it’s hard to argue against the contrary. Overall the West has gained a reputation for being extremely competitive. However that only applies for the AFC, because the competition in the NFC West has become rather uninspiring. At the bottom of the division are the 1-12 San Francisco 49ers, a team who throughout the year made more headlines for their outspoken players than for actual football. In front of them are the 4-9 Rams who started the season on a 3-game win streak and then fell apart, which has become cliché for a team led by Jeff Fisher. And in front of those two unimpressive franchises are two teams that have a tie on their record; the 8-4-1 Seattle Seahawks and the 5-7-1 Arizona Cardinals. The best NFL sportsbooks had the Seahawks pegged as the eventual champions of the West, but lately they’ve been slipping and if they don’t bounce back in Week 15 they could be in danger of losing the division.

In Week 15 the Seahawks will be facing off against the Los Angeles Rams. The game will be played in Seattle which plays to the Seahawks favor since they are undefeated at home this season. However, the Rams won the first time these two faced each other. So with that in mind, let’s see what the online NFL betting lines have to say about this contest.

NFL Odds – Week 15 – Thursday, December 15th 

Los Angeles Rams +14 (-115) 40 (-110)
Seattle Seahawks -14 (-115) 40 (-110)

As is to be expected, most football betting sites are going to list Seattle as the heavy favorite. But the 40-point prediction on the totals line is a little hard to swallow. The Seahawks are coming off a game in which they only scored 10 points, and the first time they faced the Rams Seattle couldn’t score more than 3. Granted that was the way back in Week 2, but if the Seahawks play the way they did against the Packers this past weekend, they certainly won’t be running up the scoreboard. Meanwhile, the Rams have gone 7 games without scoring more than 22 points. Ultimately, accounting for how these two teams have been playing recently, it’s hard to imagine this contest actually reaching 40 points.

In the end turnovers will be deciding factor in this contest. The Rams are coming off a game that saw them turn the ball over 5 times, while the Seahawks are coming off a contest in which they turned the ball over 6 times. Needless to say, whoever manages to maintain possession of the ball will be winning this online NFL betting weekend.