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San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens 12/01/2019 Picks, Spread and Previews

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens 12-01-2019 Picks Spread and Previews

San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens 12/01/2019 –Best betting websites are in an uproar. Two of the NFL’s top teams have been matched against each other. The San Francisco 49ers (10-1) are rallying against the Baltimore Ravens (9-2). This is football gaming at its finest.

San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens 12/01/2019

When: Sunday, December 01, 1:00 PM ET
Where: M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, Maryland
Stream: SofaScore

San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens 12/01/2019

49ers +4.5 (-110) 47.5 o (-111) +178
Ravens -4.5 (-110) 47.5 u (-111) -222
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San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers decisively trashed their last opponent, the Green Bay Packers. While the Packers were also a highly ranked team, they simply did not have the offensive and defensive firepower that the 49ers possessed. The matched ended with a lopsided 37-8 scoreboard. Jimmy Garoppolo showed he’s well on the track to MVP, going for 14/20 with 253 passing yards. He chucked in 2 touchdowns. Raheem Mostert wanted a piece of the action as well, running 6 carries for 45 yards. He blazed through a rushing TD. George Kittle carried the reception leadership, catching 6 balls at 129 yards.

The San Francisco 49ers played a dominant but far from a perfect game. The 49ers pumped in only 16 first downs marred with an unexpected 9 penalties. They rushed 22 times out of 45 plays, indicating a healthy mix of rushing and throwing. The 49ers didn’t go all-out on defense, allowing a surprising amount of throw and rush attempts. They allowed the opponent to complete 23 throws and 28 runs. Despite this, the 49ers  came out on top, primarily because of the tale of the yards.

The 49ers racked up a total of 339 yards as opposed to the Packers’ 198 yards. This huge gap in yardage gain already signaled a lot of trouble for the Packers and led to their scoring constriction. Meanwhile, the 49ers had all the time in the world to do throw and run attempts. They were able to convert most of these attempts into points.

Players to watch:

J. Garoppolo QB (11 GP 232 CMP 337 ATT 68.8 CMP% 2731 YDS 8.1 AVG 252 YDS/G 61 LNG 20 TD 10 INT 22 SACK 144 SYL 59.9 QBR 100.6 RTG), M. Breida RB (9 GP 109 ATT 542 YDS 5 AVG 83 LNG 3 BIG 1 TDS 60.2 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 20 FD), T. Coleman RB (9 GP 115 ATT 448 YDS 3.9 AVG 48 LNG 3 BIG 6 TDS 49.8 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 23 FD), G. Kittle TE (9 GP 52 REC 63 TGTS 670 YDS 12.9 AVG 3 TD 61 LNG 10 BIG 74.4 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 363 YAC 32 FD)

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are another of the NFL’s leaders right now. They showed it to maximum effect when they beat down the Los Angeles Rams with a 45-6 endgame score. Lamar Jackson played his QB role to perfection, going for 15/20 with 169 air yards. He threw in an amazing 5 TDs. Mark Ingram II was at prime form as well, carrying the ball 15 times for 111 yards. He charged in for 1 TD. Miles Boykin was in charge of ball receiving, catching it only 2 times but extending the yardage gain to 54 yards.

The Ravens didn’t invest much in throw defense. They allowed a 70% completion rate on the opponent’s throws. However, it’s a different story with regard to rush defense. The Ravens shut down the opponent’s rushes completely. They only allowed 9 rush attempts. The exemplary rush defense is apparent in the tale of the yards. The Ravens accumulated 480 yards as compared to the opponent’s 221. This large gap in yardage gain already skewed the game in the Ravens’ favor.

The Ravens did an amazing 49 rush attempts out of 74 plays. It only reinforces the fact that a team dominating field territory should capitalize by resorting to rushing. The Ravens also implemented 31 first downs but were weighed down by 8 penalties. If they continue with the same level of play, the Ravens definitely have a fighting chance against the best team in the NFL.

Players to watch:

L. Jackson QB (11 GP 200 CMP 299 ATT 66.9 CMP% 2427 YDS 8.1 AVG 300.3 YDS/G 83 LNG 24 TD 5 INT 20 SACK 100 SYL 82.2 QBR 111.4 RTG 11 GP 124 ATT 876 YDS 7.1 AVG 47 LNG 9 BIG 6 TDS 79.6 YDS/G 4 FUM 0 LST 46 FD), M. Ingram II RB (11 GP 151 ATT 778 YDS 5.2 AVG 53 LNG 4 BIG 9 TDS 70.7 YDS/G 2 FUM 2 LST 43 FD), G. Edwards RB (11 GP 85 ATT 445 YDS 5.2 AVG 63 LNG 3 BIG 2 TDS 40.5 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 30 FD)

San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens Betting Numbers


San Francisco 49ers

The total has gone OVER in 4 of San Francisco’s last 5 games.
49ers  are 10-1 SU in their last 11 games.
San Francisco is 1-4 SU in their last 5 games against Baltimore.
San Francisco is 5-0 SU in their last 5 games on the road.
49ers are 9-1 SU in their last 10 games this season.

Baltimore Ravens

Ravens are 5-0 ATS in their last 5 games.
The total has gone OVER in 6 of Baltimore’s last 9 games.
Ravens are 7-0 SU in their last 7 games.
The total has gone OVER in 4 of Baltimore’s last 6 games against San Francisco.
Baltimore is 8-2 SU in their last 10 games at home.

San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens Betting Picks

The ever-reliable betonline sportsbook has decreed a Baltimore win. The final score will be 12.8 versus 30.6. The winner will cover the spread, with a total going under.