Are the Saints Week 6’s NFL Betting Upset?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints NFL Week 6

Heading into Week 5’s Monday Night Football game, the online NFL betting odds were convinced that the Carolina Panthers would be able to handle the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Panthers may have been without Cam Newton, but bookies were still pleased with their predictions. However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were not about to roll over and actually ended up being too much for the defending NFC Champions. With this loss, it’s become apparent that the Panthers season is quickly spiraling out of control. 2015 marked the third straight year that Carolina had won the South, and the majority of fans thought that picking them to make it four straight was the easiest available prediction for this year’s futures. But now heading into week 6, the Panthers are no longer an elite team, and thanks to their loss to Tampa Bay, Carolina finds themselves at the bottom of the NFC South. Surprises have been a dime a dozen this season, but seeing the Panthers actually qualify for the playoffs after such a miserable start would be the biggest surprise of 2016.

Up next for the Panthers is another NFC South rival, the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are ranked 3rd in the South with a 1-3 record. Which team are most football betting sites pegging as the absolute worst in the NFC South?

Week 6 – Sunday the 16th of October

Carolina Panthers            -3 (-125) 53 (-110) -175
New Orleans Saints        +3 (+105) 53 (-110) +155

Despite how unsatisfactory the Panthers’ season has been so far, the online NFL betting odds are still convinced that they’ll be able to beat the Saints. The Saints got their first win of the season in Week 4 against the San Diego Chargers. In Week 5 New Orleans enjoyed a Bye Week, which has given them ample time to prepare for this Sunday’s contest against the Panthers. But two weeks might not even be enough time to prepare, considering how poor the Saints have been this year. Drew Brees has done an excellent job of leading the offense, but the Saints’ defense is one of the worst in the NFL. In 2015 New Orleans gave one of the worst defenses performances in the history of the NFL, and it looks like they’re trying to outdo themselves this year. Right now the Saints’ defense ranks near the bottom of the league in every important statistic, and they’re last in the most important stat. With an average of 32.5 points allotted per game, the Saints are giving up more points than any other team.

Normally the Panthers would be able to take advantage of such a poor defensive squad. But so far this season the Panthers haven’t been the offensive powerhouse that they were in 2015. Also, Cam Newton is currently going through concussion protocol and in all likelihood the reigning MVP will not be making the start this Sunday. The Panthers faced the Bucs this past weekend and without Newton at the helm Carolina couldn’t score more than 14 points. If Newton doesn’t start the Saints might actually have a chance. But seeing how pitiable their defense has been, fans might refrain from picking New Orleans as this week’s online NFL betting upset.