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Saints Staying Busy this Online NFL Betting Offseason

Things have died down a bit in the online NFL betting community, as they usually do in the offseason. There hasn’t been much to talk about and other than Michigan’s Jabrill Peppers testing positive for a diluted sample, the NFL has been unusually controversy free recently. But don’t get it wrong; in a league that is synonymous with off the field trouble, staying out of controversy is a blessing for the NFL. In the meantime, players who bet on NFL games can take this time to stay up to date with all the latest happenings around the league.

Latest Online NFL Betting News & Predictions

One of the latest news regarding involves Adrian Peterson, arguably one of the best veteran free agents hitting the market. Peterson holds several NFL records including most rushing yards in a single game (296), most 60+ yard TD runs in a career (13), and most rushing yards in any eight-game period (1,322). With such an eye-catching resume, it’s easy to understand why so many teams wanted to snag Peterson. In the end, it seems that the New Orleans Saints were the team lucky enough to claim this highly-coveted veteran.

Lovely Weather We’re Having

There’s no doubt that the warm weather had an alluring effect on Peterson. After playing his entire 11-year career in Minnesota, there’s no doubt that Peterson was looking forward to playing in a sunnier climate. Interestingly enough, Peterson’s decision to head to New Orleans comes right as the city announces the removal of 4 Confederate monuments. Seeing symbols of racism come down along with his arrival has to put a smile on the face of the Saints’ newest member.

New Orleans 2017 Outlook

“I am excited to be joining the New Orleans Saints…” Peterson told ESPN’s Josina Anderson. “On offense, it goes without saying that the Saints are really solid behind Drew Brees. I feel like my skill set can make them even more dominant as a unit.”

There’s no online NFL betting players denying that. However, New Orleans biggest obstacle lies in their defense, which has more holes than Swiss cheese. Brees is arguably the most accurate passer in the league, but Peterson does have a bit of a reputation for fumbling. Nevertheless, the veteran running back could be the key piece to make New Orleans one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFC. The Saints have also made some improvements on defense, we’ll just have to see if they pay off. New Orleans is one of those teams who go back and forth between having a great season and having an abysmal one. Coming off a 7-9 season, the Saints could very well be great in 2017. As things stand now, football betting sites aren’t exactly expecting a breakout year from the Saints.