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Romo’s Online NFL Betting Possibilities

The end of the online NFL betting season can be a somber time for football sportsbook fans. While only one group of fans celebrates their team’s success, everybody else is counting down the days for the start of the preseason. Generally, the offseason and NFL draft are filled with signings and changes across the league, and it’s safe to say that everyone is expecting their team to get better. But in the end, not all 32 teams will improve and oftentimes the stagnancy can be blamed on indecisiveness or misguided decisions on behalf of the organization’s management.

As the offseason progresses, one of the most talked about online NFL betting headlines will revolve around the Dallas Cowboys and whatever they decide to do with Tony Romo. All last season, the Cowboys were under constant scrutiny because of how jaw-dropping Dak Prescott performed in his rookie season as well as Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones – who will be inducted to the Hall of Fame this upcoming August – reluctance to part ways with his favorite quarterback.

While it’s not uncommon for an owner to get along with his quarterback; take the relationship between Tom Brady and Robert Kraft for example, the dynamic of Romo and Jones’ relationship has bordered on the unprofessional, and Jones’ statements throughout the 2016-17 season demonstrated that wholly to the entire sportsbook community.

Those who bet on NFL games vehemently fell in love with Prescott. The rookie’s vibrant personality raised the morale of the entire team and led them to victory week in and week out. However, Jones’ public comments reflected a desire to substitute Romo – who has had an extensive career and is well-known for choking – for the quasi-flawless Prescott. From stating how nice it would be to see Romo come and help the team get to the Super Bowl, to the constant public undermining of Prescott, every sportsbook player knew that Romo was the apple of Jones’ eye.

But since Prescott was able to navigate the controversy like a champion, the rookie cemented his place as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. So since the injury-prone Romo will not be starting, and since he will likely be the most overpaid backup quarterback in the league, Dallas has to make a move that Jones will likely object.

The Cowboys can choose to either release Romo or to trade the veteran. Of those two options, the trade would be most favorable for Dallas, simply because they would be able to avoid major cap penalties.

Luckily enough for the Cowboys, there are plenty of teams who are in need of a good quarterback. For starters, you don’t even have to travel outside the state of Texas to find one. The Houston Texans, despite winning a sole playoff game, know that their investment into Brock Osweiler will go down as one of the worst moves in sportsbook history. If Houston can cut Osweiler, swallow the cap penalty and secure Tony Romo, the Texans will certainly become online NFL betting favorites in the South.

Likewise, the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs could use an improvement at the quarterback position. Furthermore, a gunslinger like Romo would add a good amount of explosiveness to either the Broncos or Chiefs who are both primarily a defensive football team.