Return of Blailin Gabpernick bodes ill for SF 49ers

Posted by: Mike Davis
Blaine Gabbert benching Colin Kaepernick.

One of the five things that that the San Francisco 49ers were supposed to do to get on the right track to becoming online NFL betting favorites once again was to pick a QB and stick with him. They seemed to have done just that by settling on Blaine Gabbert and benching Colin Kaepernick. That part of the plan, however, might be defenestrated – i.e., go out the window. The Niners are 1-4 this 2016 season, with Gabbert starting under center all five games. Gabbert has completed 87 of 150 attempted passes (58%) for 890 yards with five TDs and six interceptions. In addition to that, he has run for 172 yards on 39 carries for another two scores. Let´s ponder that for a second, shall we? If it were not for those rushing scores, Gabbert would have produced more interceptions than he has touchdowns.

On overall offensive, the 49ers rank 9th in the league in rushing yards (121.4), 15th in points (22.2), 30th in total yards (291.4), and dead last in – can you guess – passing yards (170) per game. Following a 21-33 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, Gabbert said, ¨let this team and this organization down tonight.¨ No s***, Sherlock. The fans – including online NFL betting fans, no doubt – were even chanting, ¨We want Kap! We want Kap.¨ When the masses are clamoring for the guy who spearheaded an anti-patriotic movement, you know you done f***** up.

Accordingly, Niners head coach Chip Kelly said ¨I think we’re going to look at everything,¨ in the days leading up to the next game, up to and including whether or not the fans will get what they want and Kaepernick will start in Gabbert´s stead – a move that would certainly have an impact on football betting sites. Kap spent most of the offseason recovering from shoulder, thumb and knee injuries, and suffered from ¨arm fatigue¨ during the preseason – making Gabbert the starter almost by default. Furthermore, his weight has also been questioned. Nonetheless, beggars can´t be choosers, as they say, and the Niners are in a position in which Def Leppard´s drummer might actually be an improvement under center.

Of course, even if Kaepernick entered the gridiron with a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, it might still just be too little, too late for the Niners. The truth is, though, that Kap would be rusty, unconfident, and even underweight, if you will. They had better get used to the idea of being online NFL betting underdogs and, like Cleveland, start thinking about picking a new QB in the 2017 draft. That being said, narrowing down the problem to a single position would be shortsighted. It could be argued that the entire offense is lacking, and some analysts, such as Damien Woody, even ¨think the problem is Chip Kelly. If you don’t have the personnel to run your system, good head coaches adapt the system to the personnel.¨ methinks that these San Francisco 49ers are ripe for a team overhaul, and the QB spot should be just the beginning.