Redskins-Eagles Contest Will Have Playoff Implications

Posted by: Mike Davis
Redskins vs Eagles Week 14 NFL Bets

Once thought to have been solid picks for the playoffs, the Washington Redskins currently find themselves in a bit of a pickle. At the start of the season the best sportsbooks didn’t have the Redskins pegged as the future NFC East champions, in spite of the fact that they were the reigning division champions. Since then the Redskins haven’t exactly swayed the online football gambling lines of their playoff chances, but at times throughout the season Washington seemed like they were destined to compete in the postseason. But recently the Redskins have lost two crucial games that have set them back quite a bit in the Wild Card race (obviously the Redskins aren’t going to win the East since they share a division with the Cowboys). Washington still has time to put themselves into the heat of the Wild Card race, but they’ll need a tough win against a divisional rival this Sunday. What kind of NFL odds are the Redskins facing in their contest against the Philadelphia Eagles?

NFL Odds – Week 14 – Sunday, December 11th 

Washington Redskins PK (-110) 47 (-105)
Philadelphia Eagles PK (-110) 47 (-105)

Interestingly enough the online football gambling odds are putting together ‘Pick Em’ odds for this contest. This further highlights the similarities between both these teams and in this particular case the inefficiency that both teams have been displaying as of late. Like the Redskins, the Eagles, at one point this season, seemed destined for the postseason. But Philadelphia’s luck ran out quick and their rookie quarterback started seeming less and less talented each week. Although Carson Wentz has innumerable talents, he isn’t quite the future Hall of Famer Eagles fans were promising that he was. Wentz will be coming into Sunday’s game with an 80.1 passer rating after throwing for 2,901 yards, 12 touchdowns, and a whopping 11 interceptions. Wentz will have to face off against Kirk Cousins, who has been considerably better this season. Cousins will sport a 99.6 passer rating after throwing for 3,811 yards, 21 touchdowns, and just 8 interceptions. Early in the season Wentz appeared to be much better than Cousins but as the season wore own the veteran’s experience began to make a difference.

Both teams are fighting to stay alive in the playoff race so online football gambling fans can be certain that this will be a heated contest. The best thing Philadelphia can do to guarantee a win is try to slow Cousins down. The Redskins will be coming into Sunday’s game with the 2nd best passing offense in the NFL. The Eagles have the 13th best passing defense in the league, so they might have their hands full. Whoever can win this matchup will indubitably win the game.