Rams Will Be Slaughtered By Falcons

Posted by: Charlie Smith
NFL Week 14 Rams vs Falcons Odds

Although Matt Ryan has been delivering a spectacular season, NFL betting fans will agree that he hasn’t quite done enough to surpass Derek Carr in the MVP race. Frankly put, Carr has delivered more 4th quarter comebacks this season than any other quarterback in NFL history has done in a single season. On top of that, Ryan hasn’t quite led the Falcons to the same type of success that Carr has led the Raiders to. Some might be quick to say that Carr is surrounded by better talent, but that simply isn’t the case. Both the Atlanta Falcons and Oakland Raiders have some of the worst defensive units in the NFL, but Atlanta is currently 7-5 while the Raiders are 10-2. Currently online sportsbooks have both candidates facing similar odds for an MVP prediction, but considering the staggering odds the Raiders have overcome, all thanks to Carr, it’s hard to put anyone above the promising young quarterback. But there’s still plenty of football left in the season, and who knows perhaps Ryan can win over our opinion before 2016 concludes.

In Week 14 the Falcons will be facing off against the Los Angeles Rams. Considering how pitiful the Rams have been under Jeff Fisher, it seems very likely that Ryan will be able to deliver an MVP-like performance. Either way, let’s see what the football betting lines have to say about this particular matchup.

NFL Odds – Week 14 – Sunday, December 11th 

Los Angeles Rams +6 (-110) 45 (-105)
Atlanta Falcons -6 (-110) 45 (-115)

Considering that the Rams decided to give Jeff Fisher a 2-year contract extension, the NFL betting odds are rightfully siding with the Falcons. Most people have to find success in the NFL to keep their jobs, but not Jeff Fisher. Despite the fact that Fisher hasn’t won a playoff game since 2003, despite the fact that he hasn’t had a winning season since 2008, and despite the fact that Fisher hasn’t finished above .500 since 2009, the Rams organization has still decided that Fisher deserves another contract extension. This is quite possibly the most befuddling thing we have seen all season, it makes absolutely no sense how someone who fails time and time again can still retain their position as a head coach of an NFL franchise. There’s no sense beating around the bush, Fisher is the worst coach in the entire league and quite possibly the entire NCAA. In the words of Stephen A. Smith; if your performance produced as little as Fisher has, would you still retain your job? Absolutely not.

In all honesty, Fisher’s contract extension is like kicking dirt in the face of Los Angeles’ fans. This Sunday, Fisher will once again let his team down, let his players down, and most importantly let his – the Rams – fans down. There’s no way the Rams and their High School caliper offense can overcome the Falcons, Matt Ryan and company are too talented. Ultimately, the Falcons will deliver an NFL betting slaughter.