Raiders Still Winning Despite Terrible Defense

Posted by: Mike Davis
Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders Odds and Preview

The Oakland Raiders have consistently been surprising the online NFL betting community this season. With this past weekend’s win over the San Diego Chargers, the Raiders have now won three in a row, and have advanced to 4-1. With their 4th win of the season, Oakland has already won more than half as many games as they won in 2015, and have begun to raise eyes all across the league. Because Oakland has already beaten an opponent from the AFC West, they are ranked higher than the Broncos in their division, despite Denver also having a 4-1 record. The Broncos will square off against a divisional opponent for the first time this season when they face the Chargers this Sunday. However, Denver isn’t the only team facing an AFC West opponent this weekend. The Raiders will be facing the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday and will have a perfect opportunity to retain the lead in the West. Are most football betting sites siding with the Raiders, or the 2-2 Kansas City Chiefs?

Week 6 – Sunday, October 16th 

Chiefs            +1 (-110)      46½ (-115)       -105
Raiders          -1 (-110)      46½ (-105)       -115

The online NFL betting odds have decided to side with the Raiders by the slightest of margins. What’s most impressive about this year’s Raiders is how they’ve been winning games despite looking so terrible on paper – at least defensively. The Raiders are currently giving up 452.6 yards per game, making Oakland’s defense the worst in the NFL. The Raiders’ pass defense is also the worst in the league, as they’re giving up 330.6 yards through the air per contest. Against the run Oakland has been doing a little bit better, but not by much; the Raiders’ currently have the 27th worst rush defense in the league. And yet, in spite of such ghastly statistics, the Raiders have still managed to win their games this season. They may not be winning defiantly, and may not be winning by much, but they are winning and that demands our attention.

Unfortunately for Kansas City fans, the same cannot be said about the Chiefs. While all of the Raiders games have been extremely close contests, most of Kansas City’s contests have all been decided by a defiant margin. In Week 3 the Chiefs beat the Jets by 21 points, but the following week Kansas City would lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers by 29 points. In Week 5 the Chiefs enjoyed a Bye Week, but were sent into their Bye with their tails between their legs thanks to the Steelers. Now the Chiefs will be desperate to bounce back against the Raiders, but Derek Carr isn’t about to let that happen.

Derek Carr was chosen by the Oakland Raiders with their 2nd overall pick in the 2014 draft. But before the Raiders could pick Carr, the Kansas City Chiefs had to pass him up. The Chiefs had the first pick of the draft but instead of selecting Carr they chose linebacker Dee Ford. Two years later, Carr is making headlines while Ford is trying to establish himself as an NFL player. This Sunday Carr will be able to show the Chiefs first hand exactly what they passed up, and thanks to the chip on Carr’s shoulder, the Raiders are likely to cover the online NFL betting spread.