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Raiders’ Sign Online NFL Betting Gem

The latest news in this year’s online NFL betting offseason involves Marshawn Lynch, the runningback Steve Carroll infamously refused to call upon on the 1-yard line at the Super Bowl. In the end, Carroll’s decision cost him a Super Bowl ring, and ultimately his runningback who has decided to come out of retirement. It’s not clear whether or not the Seahawks were interested in the return of their former runningback, but considering their lack of a running game most would assume that the Seahawks would’ve at least entertained the idea. Nevertheless, Lynch has decided to shed the rainy Seattle weather in favor of something much, much warmer.

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As things currently stand, the Seahawks still have rights over Lynch. However, that isn’t stopping Oakland from acquiring the veteran running back. Additionally, the latest reports indicate that Oakland and Seattle have already hashed out the details and have come to an agreement that works out for both parties. In fact, it appears that a swap of late-round draft picks for the 2018 draft is all the Seahawks asked for. Now that that’s squared away, Raiders fans can look forward to having their clutch quarterback, Derek Carr who suffered a devastating leg injury to close out the season, be backed up by one of the toughest running backs available.

Sin City About to Become Lynch City

With all the paperwork already laid out, there is only one thing in the way of Lynch’s smooth transition to the Raiders. As of Wednesday, the five-time Pro Bowler has yet to take a physical with the Raiders. It’s uncertain what kind of shape Lynch has been staying in during his retirement, but there’s little doubt that he’ll come up short. Lynch is scheduled to take a physical with the team Wednesday afternoon, once he returns from Haiti, where he and former Seattle teammates (Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett) have been doing a tour in order to help the country build schools. Interestingly enough, Lynch was supposed to be back in the States Tuesday, but apparently the running back failed to catch his flight on time.

A History Of Lynchburg

Online NFL betting players familiar with Lynch’s past dealings know that nothing is set in stone until the terms are finalized. Lynch has a bit of a history and all parties were warned not to celebrate until Lynch steps onto the team facility in order to put ink on the paper. Nonetheless, reports are coming indicating that Lynch agreed to a 1-year $3 million base contract, with an option to make an additional $2 million if he is able to break the 1,000 yard mark.

“I think it would be awesome just to have him around,” an eager Derek Carr told NFL Network. “He’s a great teammate from everyone that I’ve talked to from the couple of Seahawks that we’ve had on our team. They love him.”

High praise coming from the face of the franchise.