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The Raiders’ Online NFL Betting Quandary

Despite the fact that they got eliminated in the first round of the online NFL betting playoffs, the Raiders have been having a hard time staying out of the sportsbook spotlight. The reason being, the Raiders are at the center of a pilgrimage that is gaining more and more notoriety with each passing day.

Those who bet on football games within the AFC West have grown accustomed to seeing the Raiders compete on a baseball field. Naturally, the organization has grown tired of not only not having to share their field, but also the hassle that is converting a baseball diamond into a football field and back again.

The Raiders, who have a reputation for having some of the most die-hard sportsbook fans in the NFL, have played their home games at the Oakland Coliseum since the team moved back to Oakland from Los Angeles back in 1995. The Coliseum is also home to the Oakland Athletics, and the Raiders have been pushing the city of Oakland to build the franchise their own stadium for several years now.

Oakland has been less than willing to comply with the Raiders request, and the plans to build a stadium never got approved by the city. In response, the Raiders decided to pack their bags in search of a city more willing to host the NFL franchise – much to the dismay of the loyal silver & black fans.

Las Vegas jumped at the opportunity to host an online NFL betting club that so perfectly suits the atmosphere of the metropolis. At first everything seemed to be going right on track until both scheduled investors backed out of the deal to fund the Raiders’ new stadium in Sin City.

Billionaire Hutt Sheldon Adelson and investment firm Goldman Sachs were the principal investors in the proposed stadium – aside from the denizens of Las Vegas.

The proposed Las Vegas football stadium came with a hefty $1.9 billion price tag. Of which, $650 million was supposed to be taken care of by both Adelson and Goldman while the remainder $750 million would be forked over by Las Vegans’ tax money – the most taxpayers have ever paid for a stadium.

However, since the supposed donors have both pulled out, the Raiders are out $650 million and are in dire need of an alternative. Mark Davis, owner of the Raiders, has until March to get his ducks in a row in order to get the owners’ vote of approval. But looking over recent online NFL betting headlines, it’s clear the Raiders won’t have to wait that long to sort this thing out.

Reports now indicate that Las Vegas officials have received a minimum of 6 suitors expressing their interest in filling the vacancy left by both Adelson and Goldman’s departure.

Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commission chairman, stated to the media that he has received inquiries form a local Las Vegas developer with the adequate funds to provide an eye-catching investment, another from a Japanese consortium, and even a call from a European group.

There’s no doubt that the possibility of investing in an NFL franchise’s stadium should rouse several investors and sportsbook fans are hoping the Raiders can get accommodated sooner than later.