Raiders Looking to Take Care of Business this Sunday

Posted by: Mike Davis
Chargers vs Raiders NFL Betting Week 15

For a minute there it seemed like the Oakland Raiders were indeed the best team in the AFC West. But this past online NFL betting weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs vehemently squashed that notion. Up until that point the Raiders held a 1-game lead over the Kansas City Chiefs. But now they both share the same record, except this past weekend’s victory marked the second time this season that Kansas City beat the Raiders, so the Chiefs are currently the divisional leaders. Oakland’s chances of winning the division look bleak but since they have such a standout record, the Raiders have a very good chance of clinching the Wild Card spot. Once they’re in the playoffs Oakland could prove to be dangerous, even though most betting sportsbooks don’t seem to think so. All the Raiders need to do is take care of business this upcoming Sunday.

In Week 15 the Raiders will have to face off against their AFC West rivals, the San Diego Chargers. This contest will be held at Qualcomm Stadium so the Raiders will have to make the interstate trip to the Chargers home. The Raiders are 5-1 on the road while the Chargers are 3-3 at home so the online NFL betting scales should be tipped in Oakland’s favor.

NFL Odds – Week 15 – Sunday, December 18th

San Diego Chargers +3 (-125) 49½ (-110) +131
Oakland Raiders -3 (+105) 49½ (-110) -151

Oddly enough, football betting sites aren’t favoring the Raiders as heavily as one would expect. After all, the Raiders will be coming into this contest at 10-3 which is significantly different than the Chargers’ 5-8 record. This Sunday will mark one of the few times that the odds will actually favor the Raiders. All season long the bookies have been hesitant to paint Oakland as the favorites, and even in this contest the odds are hesitant to favor the Raiders heavily.

Aside from trying to best one another this upcoming weekend, these two teams have something else in common. Both the Raiders and San Diego are engaged in an ongoing struggle to relocate their franchises. The reason for the pilgrimage is a lack of desire from their respective cities to build a new stadium. So since neither Oakland nor San Diego want to fork over a new stadium, the Raiders will be looking to head to Las Vegas and the Chargers are interested in relocating to Los Angeles. Accounting for what the majority of NFL team owners are saying, both teams departure seems like a much closer reality than both teams staying where they currently are. Ultimately, it seems like online NFL betting fans will have to get used to this swap.