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Raiders Heavy Football Betting Favorites in Mexico

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Houston Texans vs. Okland Raiders

Before the season began the football betting odds did not think too highly of the Oakland Raiders. In 2015 Oakland finished at 7-9 and many fans were expecting a similar performance this year. But the Raiders kicked the door open to start the season and now they find themselves at 7-2 tied atop the AFC West. In return, the odds have begun to take the Raiders seriously and so has the rest of the league. As the end of the regular season draws nearer, the playoff picture will get smaller and smaller. Because of their superior record, the Raiders have a great opportunity to win the division and if they fail to do that they will still be in a great position to clinch a Wild Card.

This Monday night, the Raiders will be traveling south of the border to face off against the Houston Texans at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. It’s not often that you see an NFL game played in Mexico but the NFL is desperately trying to reel in non-USA fans. Unfortunately for the Raiders, this contest will count as a home game for them. Although, it’s no mystery that the atmosphere at Estadio Azteca will be vastly different than what the Raiders are used to at the Coliseum. Let’s see how much the foreign soil will affect the online NFL betting lines.

NFL Odds – Week 11 – Monday, November 21st 

Houston Texans +6 (-110) 46 (-110) +215
Oakland Raiders -6 (-110) 46 (-110) -265

Apparently the football betting odds think that the Mexican soil will heavily favor the Raiders. It is surprising to see the odds be tilted in the Raiders direction so heavily. After all, the Texans aren’t a terrible team. Houston will be coming into Monday’s game with a 6-3 record and the only complain that can be made about this team would be about their offense – and probably their run defense as well.

Before the season began, the Houston Texans dropped a considerable amount of money to convince Brock Osweiler to join their team. Osweiler had put on an impressive streak to help the Broncos clinch the playoffs since Manning was out with an injury. However, we’ve seen what Trevor Siemian can do behind a menacing Broncos’ defense, and looking back now it’s clear that Osweiler might be one of the most overpaid quarterbacks in the league. For the millions they dumped to get him, Houston has only gotten 11 touchdowns in return and thanks to his nine interceptions, Osweiler sports a measly passer rating of 74.1. The Raiders defense is pretty miserable and ranks near the bottom of the league in every significant statistic. But behind Derek Carr’s impressive talents, the Raiders have found ways to win week in and week out. Oakland can no longer be ignored and the football betting odds are well aware. This Monday night, Osweiler and the Texans will find that out too.