Pats Heaviest Sportsbook Favorite We’ve Seen All Season

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
2017 NFL Divional Playoffs Patriots vs Texans Odds

After surviving a crippled onslaught from the Raiders 27-14, the Houston Texans are poised to face the New England Patriots this upcoming weekend. Houston lucked out by not having to face a Derek Carr-led Oakland offense but in the end history will only remember that the Texans were in fact able to advance. No doubt the Texans would’ve faced worst NFL betting odds had Carr been on the field, but the fact of the matter remains; Houston is one step closer to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, for the Texans, their path is blocked by the AFC’s No. 1 seed, the New England Patriots and reigning Super Bowl Champions. Osweiler lucked out by not having to face Carr but this weekend he’ll face off against one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Let’s see what most online sportsbooks have to say about this pairing.

NFL ODDS – AFC DIVISIONAL ROUND – Saturday, January 15th 

New England Patriots -15½ (-110) 44 (-110) -2000
Houston Texans +15½ (-110) 44 (-110) +1000

These might be the most lopsided odds we’ve seen all season. Painted as -2000 favorite on the money line, the sportsbooks are all but guaranteeing a New England victory. Needless to say, picking the Texans to upset the Patriots could be the most profitable endeavor of your betting career, but it’s also the most unlikely.

The Patriots are led on offense by MVP-candidate Tom Brady. After serving a 4-game suspension for ‘Deflategate’, Brady came back an unleashed his fury on the NFL throwing for 2,957 yards, 28 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. Brady’s play has created some controversy with some stating that the 3-time Super Bowl MVP is unworthy of winning this year’s MVP award due to being suspended for the first quarter of the season. That may be a valid point but it should be noted that the Pats went 3-1 without Brady, so how valuable can he truly be to a team that is already so elite.

The Texans, who finished the season with the NFL’s 2nd best pass defense, will match up well against Brady. Houston must find a way to knock #12 off his game in order to give their quarterback a chance of outscoring New England. Osweiler has throwing for 2,957 yards, 15 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. He’s thrown for fewer yards, less touchdowns, and more interceptions than Brady despite having more time on the field. Not exactly the type of performance the Texans were expecting from the quarterback that was supposed to lead them to the Super Bowl.

In the end, if the Texans somehow manage to deter Brady, this contest will likely be determined by who can better stop the run. Early in the season the Patriots had one of the best rushing offenses in the league. Once Brady returned their commitment to the run dwindled and the Patriots finished with the 7th best offense on the ground. The Texans, ironically enough, have the 8th best rushing offense in the NFL. The sportsbooks have made up their mind about this contest, but it would be nice to see the Texans pull of the most improbable of upsets.