Pats in the East: Easiest Online NFL Betting Prediction

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Patriots East Easy Online Betting Prediction

As sportsbook players get set to make their online NFL betting Super Bowl predictions, one name will inevitably crawl its way into everybody’s mind: the New England Patriots.

After delivering the biggest comeback in football betting sportsbook history last season, New England is being listed as the odds on favorite to win the title in 2017. It seems like the natural choice, there’s no reason to expect a drop from Tom Brady’s results and Coach Belichick is as sharp as ever.

But are the Pats the online NFL betting pick fans should be making? Or will someone else rise and lay claim to the AFC East? Let’s take a look.

Buffalo Bills

Odds to Win AFC East: +2050 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +17500

The Bills enter this season sporting the longest playoff drought in all of major professional sports. It’s been 17 years since Buffalo has made a postseason appearance, and the 7-9 record the team posted in 2016 doesn’t exactly raise hopes for the franchise. Rex Ryan may no longer be calling the shots, but that doesn’t exactly guarantee that his replacement, Sean McDermott, will.

Despite a solid draft and Tyrod Taylor’s contract renewal, there are too many holes in the Bills’ roster. Players who bet on NFL can expect the Bills to win around 6 games this season, but anything else is grasping at straws.

Miami Dolphins

Odds to Win AFC East: +1025 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +5850

The Dolphins snapped a 7-year postseason drought last season, thanks to their 10-6 record. After they posted a 1-4 record through the first 5 games of the season, every single online NFL betting fan was ruling the Dolphins out – especially when accounting for their recent coaching changes.

Miami finished the season with a 10-6 record and a loss in the Wild Card round. Right now Dolphins fans want to know if their team will be able to replicate this success in the upcoming season but it’s hard to imagine them actually doing so. Tannehill may have posted a career best 93.5 passer rating, but that’s hard to imagine that being enough for him to backpack the 29th worst overall defense in the league.

New England Patriots

Odds to Win AFC East: -890 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +390

It’s no online NFL betting understatement to say that the Pats are the team to beat in the East. The Pats have won 2 Super Bowls in the last 3 years and they stand a very good chance of winning the title this upcoming season.

New England delivered a 14-2 record last season that is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Brady and Belichick. This season, some rumors have gone around that the Pats are going for 17-0. While that may be a stretch, it’s no stretch to pick the Pats to win the East, and even the Super Bowl for that matter.

New York Jets

Odds to Win AFC East: +10000 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +40000

The Jets are facing the longest odds of the division and rightfully so. Last season, the team finished 5-11, last in the division, and showed no sign of improvements. It’s been 6 years since the Jets made the postseason, and this upcoming season will be all about rebuilding – not making the playoffs.