Patriots Have Their Eye on Home Field Advantage

Posted by: Mariela Miranda
NFL Week 15 Sportsbook Odds and Preview Patriots vs Broncos

Now that we’re nearing the end of the 2016 online NFL betting season, it seems that the AFC West will be producing three playoff teams. Granted, there are still three games left in the season which is plenty of time for things to change, but at this point saying that the AFC West is the toughest division in the NFL is an irrefutable fact. Earlier in the season, NFL sportsbooks were sure that the Broncos were destined to win the division again this year, especially since Siemian was playing good enough to win their football games. But as the season dragged on it became clear that the winning the West was going to be a fierce battle that would come all the way down to Week 17. Right now the AFC West is led by the 10-3 Kansas City Chiefs and 10-3 Oakland Raiders. At 8-5, the Broncos don’t have a legitimate chance of reclaiming the division, but they do have a very good chance of clinching a Wild Card berth. However, with the 8-5 Dolphins right on their rear, Denver can’t afford any slip-ups this late in the season.

In Week 15 the Broncos will have to face off with one of the best teams in the AFC, the New England Patriots. Luckily enough for Denver, they’ll be playing at home where they’ve enjoyed a 4-2 record throughout the season. However, the Patriots are 6-0 on the road and have their eye on clinching home field advantage for the playoffs. Let’s see what the best football betting sites have to say about this contest.

NFL Odds – Week 15 – Sunday, December 18th 

New England Patriots -3 (-110) 44 (-110)
Denver Broncos +3 (-110) 44 (-110)

Considering the differences between each teams’ starting quarterback, it comes as no surprise to see the online NFL betting odds favor the Patriots. After taking care of business against the Baltimore Ravens this past Monday night, New England will be coming into this contest with a 4-game win streak. The same cannot be said about Denver since they will be coming off their 13-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

As aforementioned, the difference between these teams’ quarterbacks is tremendous. Siemian is someone who can get the job done, but Tom Brady is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. In addition, the difference between the Broncos head coach and the Patriots is considerable. Gary Kubiak may be a Super Bowl winning head coach but Belichick is a 4-time Super Bowl winning head coach. If online NFL betting fans want to get a good picture of how tremendous Belichick is as a head coach all they have to do is compare him to Jeff Fisher. Before he was fired, Fisher was on the verge of becoming the losingest head coach in NFL history. So for comparison, Belichick could go 0-16 for 6 straight seasons and still have a higher win percentage than Fisher.