Packers vs. Steelers Easiest Prediction of this Betting Weekend

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
NFL Odds and Predictions Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Sunday, November 26th

When players size up this weekend’s action to see which bet on NFL games they should take, there is one game that might be the easiest to predict: the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Green Bay Packers. Since the Packers lost Aaron Rodgers to a collarbone injury, the franchise has only been able to win a single game that was against the Chicago Bears. For comparison, the Packers have conceded losses to the Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions, and this past weekend’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Let’s see just how sharp of NFL football betting odds the Packers are facing on the road this Sunday.

Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Sunday, November 26th

When: 8:30 pm ET

Where: Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

TV: Fox

Stream: Fox Sports Go, NFL Game Pass

NFL Football Betting Lines:

Green Bay Packers   +14 (-116)       43 ½ (-110)     +711

Pittsburgh Steelers -14 (-104)           43 ½ (-110)     -1100

Green Bay Packers

The Packers enter this Sunday’s pairing sporting a 5-5 record that ranks Green Bay 3rd in the NFC North. Green Bay was this year’s NFL football betting favorite to win the NFC North but obviously the injury to Rodgers has sidelined the franchise’s playoff hopes. Furthermore, the loss of No. 12 has highlighted just how dependent Green Bay had become on Aaron Rodgers. The team doesn’t have an elite defense, it doesn’t have much of a running game and it has nothing to fall back on other than the incredible talents of the two-time MVP. Since 4 of the team’s 5 losses have been when Rodgers hasn’t been on the field, perhaps the Packers will finally consider building a football team instead of relying on the talents of one man. Green Bay will get pummeled by the explosiveness of the Steelers and they deserve to. Hopefully now they’ll learn that a one-man pony show is a recipe for disaster in the NFL.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers enter this Week 12 matchup with an 8-2 record that ranks them 1st in the AFC North. Pittsburgh was able to make it all the way to the AFC Conference game last season and the football parlay odds were picking them to win the AFC North once again in 2017. So far the Steelers haven’t let us down as the franchise have only conceded two losses all season long and have been able to handle a fair deal of controversy. Earlier in the season, the Steelers decided to give Ju Ju Smith-Schuster some extra reps in their offense much to the dismay of Martavis Bryant. Bryant felt that he was being unnecessarily snuffed but the truth is Pittsburgh was just making use of a more talented wideout. Le’Veon Bell made some noise early on in the season as he’s still looking for a new contract but things have quieted down a bit now. In fact, in lieu of any drama, all NFL pundits can talk about when it comes to Pittsburgh is how they could be on the verge of winning another Super Bowl.