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Packers Season Starting to Fall Apart

With this past weekend’s loss to the Tennessee Titans, the Green Bay Packers are all but out of the playoff conversation. A humiliating 47-25 defeat marked Green Bay’s 3rd consecutive loss, which was enough to practically ruin the playoff aspirations of the team that entered the season as the online NFL betting favorite to win the Super Bowl. Now past the season’s halfway point, it’s abundantly clear that this team has a long way to go before they are legitimate playoff contenders. But the Packers are a young team, and for a young team they show a lot of promise. Unfortunately, in this league, you’re only as good as your last performance. In other words, the Packers are pretty terrible right now. So terrible, that it’s hard to imagine a football betting site painting them as a favorite ever again.

NFL Odds – Week 11 – Sunday, November 20th 

Green Bay Packers +3 (-120) 50 (-110)
Washington Redskins -3 (EV) 50 (-110)

This upcoming Sunday, Green Bay will be traveling to the capitol to take on the Washington Redskins in Week 11’s rendition of Sunday Night Football. Usually the Sunday night matchup is the most thrilling, but if the Packers continue to play at the level they have been the last couple of weeks, the Redskins are sure to blow them out at home. The online NFL betting odds are siding with Washington this Sunday, but it is somewhat surprising to see the odds not favor Washington more heavily.

For the majority of 2016, the Packers had the NFL’s #1 run defense. After they lost to the Cowboys, Green Bay lost that title but were able to reclaim it in the following weeks. After this past Sunday’s loss to the Titans, the Packers fell to #4 against the run. Having a top 5 run defense is never a bad thing, but seeing Green Bay lose their ranking is a sign of how poorly things have been going for the Packers. The Redskins have the league’s 23rd best rushing offense, so Green Bay does have the opportunity to reclaim some ground as the NFL’s best run defense.

But run defense is just one side of the story; the Packers have been having problems on both sides of the ball. Actually, the Packers have been having problems on all sides of the ball. The defense couldn’t stop the Titans, and on the rare occasion that they did get a stop, the Packers would shoot themselves in the foot with terrible special teams play. In the game against Indianapolis, the Packers allowed a touchdown on the opening kickoff that set the tone for the entire game. Against Tennessee, the Packers let every opportunity to win the game slip through their fingers thanks to special teams. If the current trend continues, Green Bay will be online NFL betting favorites to lose every single game left in 2016.