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Are the Packers Online NFL Betting Favorites in the North?

Online NFL betting players who wager on the NFC North have seen the Green Bay Packers win the last 5 out of 6 titles in the division. But come free agency, Packers fans all share a common grievance; Ted Thompson’s perceived lack of free agency signings. But even if his methods are questioned, Thompson’s results are irreproachable.

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But are the Packers a lock-in favorite to win the division this upcoming season? Or will the handful of losses they’ve suffered cast Green Bay into a hole not even Aaron Rodgers can crawl them out of? TJ Lang, Julius Peppers, Micah Hyde, JC Tretter, Eddie Lacy, and Jared Cook have all set sail. Will the multitude of departures open the door for another contender?

Wistful Lions

The Detroit Lions came close to usurping the Packers in the North last season, but a 4-game stumble to close out the season was the nail in Detroit’s playoff coffin. Now to beat the Pack in 2017 Bob Quinn, the Lions’ general manager, is looking to weaken Green Bay from the inside by signing TJ Lang, the Packers’ former guard. In doing so he kills two birds with one stone; strengthening the Lions’ offensive line, while weakening Green Bay’s. They’ve dealt a blow to the Packers, but the Lions have a myriad of defensive issues to address before football betting sites will consider them contenders.

Peterson-less Vikings

The Packers aren’t the lone team to suffer a loss this past offseason, as Minnesota will have to contend with the loss of their veteran running back. It’s uncertain how they’ll fare but there’s no doubt that the Vikings want to start the season as fast they can, especially since 2016’s abysmal start is still fresh in their minds.

Bears Cut Cutler

Anyone whose bet on NFL games this past decade can recall a Cutler interception. It’s impossible not to, the sample size is just too incredibly high. But is Mike Glennon even an upgrade? And even if he is, it’s not by the margin that Chicago fans were hoping for. On top of that, the handful of additions the Bears have made to their secondary might not amount to much. It’s hard to imagine Chicago giving the Pack a run for their money in the North.

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

This offseason marks two consecutive seasons the NFC North’s online NFL betting favorites have lost a Pro Bowl offensive lineman (TJ Lang and Josh Sitton). Having the best quarterback in the league won’t amount to much if the Pack can’t protect Rodgers. Heading into the offseason, Rodgers expressed the Packers’ need to ‘reload’ and it didn’t fall on deaf ears. Green Bay went out and got the biggest signing of the division by snagging up tight end Martelllus Bennett, who just got done winning the Super Bowl with the Patriots. Bennett provides the perfect big body that makes #12 that much more dangerous.