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Why Packers May No Longer be Betting Favorites

Entering the season the online football betting community had Aaron Rodgers pegged as one of the top two favorites to win this year’s MVP award. It seemed like a pretty sensible prediction, after all Rodgers has already won the award twice, most recently in 2014. However, the Rodgers that we’ve seen so far in 2016 hardly resembles the player who won the award in 2011 and 2014. In fact the Packers offense, behind #12’s efforts, is currently ranked penultimate in the NFL for passing yards per contest. The Packers may have been one of the favorites to reach the Super Bowl, but with numbers like that it’s unlikely they’ll even make the playoffs. Green Bay will have a chance to find their rhythm in the next couple weeks considering they’ll face the lowly Lions before enjoying an early bye week. There are not too many teams Detroit can beat, but by the way the Pack has been playing lately, a Lions’ upset would not be surprising. Let’s see what most football betting sites think about Detroit’s chances this upcoming Sunday.

Week 3 – Sunday the 25th of September

Lions +7 ½ (-110) 47 ½ (-110) +290
Packers -7 ½ (-110) 47 ½ (-110) -350

Despite the Packer’s ongoing problems on offense, the online football betting odds are still painting them as the favorites in this match. It’s tough to boil down the root of Green Bay’s inconsistency; they have a Super Bowl winning head coach, a former MVP at quarterback, and more talent than half the other teams in the league. But still, the stats do not lie and it’s abundantly clear that something needs to be addressed in Wisconsin. Unlike last year, there are receivers who are getting open, but for some reason Rodgers is just not able to find them. At times it seems the veteran quarterback is more concerned with making pre-snap adjustments than executing the play by design. Instead of taking the easy check down, Rodgers is choosing instead to hold on to the ball, scramble, and try to hit a home run. Honestly, these types of mistakes are very reminiscent of the Favre era in Green Bay, a time Packers fans thought was long behind them.

“We’ll we’re not going to overreact, it’s been 2 weeks.” Rodgers calmly stated after the loss to Minnesota. “We’ve been not quite finding our rhythm, but we have some guys who haven’t worked together a whole lot, so we’re gonna trust the process.”

The only problem is that it hasn’t been 2 weeks. These are the same lingering problems that plagued the Packers all season long in 2015, so in actuality it’s been more like 20 weeks. Rodgers statements are hauntingly familiar of his R-E-L-A-X statements that he made last year, but things didn’t turn out too well for the Packers in the long run considering they lost in the divisional round. Now they’ve got to do their best to piece this offense together and find their rhythm, or risk losing to the Lions. Green Bay may be able to scrape by a win against Detroit, but either way the damage is done and the Packers are quickly losing their status as online football betting favorites.