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Packers Looking to Snap Losing Streak Against Titans

Posted by: Mike Davis
Week 10 NFL Packers vs Titans

With the Minnesota Vikings losing to the Detroit Lions this past weekend, the Green Bay Packers had an immaculate opportunity to take the lead in the NFC North. But just like Jeff Janis did in this past Sunday’s game, the Packers let the opportunity slip right through their fingers. With their loss against the Colts, Green Bay has now lost two consecutive games, have fallen to 4-4, and are now in 3rd place within the division. The Packers opened the season as online NFL betting favorites to win the North, but if the season ended today they wouldn’t even be close. Luckily for the Packers, there are still 8 games left in the season. Unfortunately, if they keep playing the way they have been it’s unclear how many they’ll actually be able to win. Green Bay will take to the gridiron once again this Sunday when they face off against the Tennessee Titans. Considering the losing streak that the Pack is on, what kind of lines are most football betting sites putting together for this contest?

NFL Odds – Week 10 – Sunday, November 13th

Green Bay Packers -2 (-110) 49 ½ (-110)
Tennessee Titans +2 (-110) 49 ½ (-110)

Once again, the online NFL betting odds have decided to favor the Green Bay Packers. But the Packers have already been upset several times this year; will the Titans be able to keep Green Bay’s losing streak going?

Considering that the Titans run a one-dimensional, run-first offense, it would make sense to favor the Packers this Sunday. Heading into Week 10 the Packers have once again taken the mantle of the NFL’s #1 run defense. The Titans have the 3rd best rushing offense in the league, but without a passing game to threaten the Packers with, Tennessee will likely struggle on the ground. Earlier in the year, when the Packers faced the Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliot was able to carve the Packers for 157 yards. The Cowboys would go on to finish the day with 191 yards on the ground, but once again, the Titans passing game isn’t anywhere near as dangerous as the Cowboys. Also, Ezekiel Elliot is an extremely talented runningback; some online NFL betting fans might even say he’s the best in the game right now. Bottom line, the Titans won’t be enjoying the success the Cowboys did against the Packers.

With two straight losses facing the Packers, some fans have begun to question this team’s aptitude for being Super Bowl contenders. But, with all things considered, the Packer’s aren’t in a terrible position. They have one of the youngest defenses in the game, and having the #1 run defense is arguably the most coveted statistic on the defensive side of the ball. On the other hand, they’ve been pretty shoddy against the pass, but then again, their secondary has been ravaged by injuries. All in all, Green Bay has been finding success in the most important parts of the game; stopping the run, 3rd down conversions, and establishing the run on offense. If the Pack can work out the other kinks then there’s no reason this team won’t be a shoo-in for the playoffs.