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Packers Have Their Eye on the NFC North

Even though online sportsbooks had them pegged as eventual Super Bowl contenders, for most of the season it appeared as though the Green Bay Packers would be one of 2016’s biggest disappointments – apart from the Carolina Panthers. It’s true, for a while it seemed as though Green Bay sitting out of the postseason was a guaranteed certainty. But now, a window of opportunity keeps getting bigger and bigger. A couple of weeks ago Aaron Rodgers talked about running the table and winning the remainder of games left on Green Bay’s schedule. At first it seemed like just veteran talk from a team’s quarterback trying to keep their hopes high, and that’s exactly what most of the online football betting community dismissed it as. But now, as they pick up a win with each passing week, Rodgers’ comments are looking more and more like a promise, a promise that will come into fruition in Week 17 – just in time for the Packers to clinch the NFC North.

In Week 15 the Packers will have to deliver on Rodgers’ promise by winning once again, this time against a division rival. Interestingly enough, the Pack will have to face all three divisional opponents to finish out the season. Indubitably this will provide Green Bay the chance to prove that they are indeed the best team in the NFC North. First up are the 3-10 Chicago Bears. Since there is such a drastic difference between these two teams’ records, what will most NFL betting sites have to say about this pairing?

NFL Odds – Week 15 – Sunday, December 18th 

Green Bay Packers -6½ (-110) 44 (-110)
Chicago Bears -6½ (-110) 44 (-110)

It is not at all shocking to see the online football betting odds favor the Packers, especially when considering how sharp they seemed against the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are ubiquitously referred to as one of the best teams in the NFC and seeing Green Bay perform so well against them is a sight for sore eyes. It’s no secret that Seattle’s secondary is one of the best in the league, but Aaron Rodgers made carving them up seem easy. Rodgers would go on to throw 18/23 for 246 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a near perfect passer rating of 150.8. Defensively the Packers were arguably just as impressive as they would go on to force 6 turnovers, which includes picking off Russell Wilson 5 times. Bottom line, if the Packers can keep playing the way they did this past Sunday, there are few teams who can actually beat them.

Since the Packers made quick work of the Seahawks, the consensus from the online football betting community is that Green Bay will make short work of the Bears. The Bears have a shoddy offense that is piggybacked by a pretty good defense. However, Rodgers had no problems against some of the best cornerbacks in the league, so it stands to reason that he won’t be having any problems this Sunday. At the end of the day, it’s nearly impossible to imagine the Bears upsetting the Packers when accounting for how good Green Bay has been these past few weeks.