Which Online Super Bowl Betting Matchup is the Best?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Which Online Super Bowl Betting Matchup is the Best

As we draw to the inevitable conclusion of the NFL season, NFL sportsbook fans can prepare to engage in online Super Bowl betting. This season has been filled with a spectrum of headlines ranging from the Carolina Panthers’ dismal follow up to a Super Bowl appearance, to Colin Kaepernick and players’ movements to raise awareness for social injustice. But now as the end draws nearer fans’ focus begins to narrow in on one thing; who will win the Super Bowl. To successfully answer that question one needs a good dose of clairvoyance, but those who aren’t gifted in divination can focus on something else; which Super Bowl matchup would be the most thrilling. In order to better answer that question let’s take a look at which team the bookies think is a lock-in for the Super Bowl.


Atlanta Falcons +265

Green Bay Packers +510

New England Patriots +130

Pittsburgh Steelers +475

Surprise, surprise, the New England Patriots are entering the Conference Championship weekend with the best online Super Bowl betting odds of the remaining 4 teams. Before the season started, most NFL analysts were unsure how the Patriots would fare with Brady serving his 4-game suspension to kick the year off. But now that we’re in the playoffs, it’s clear that New England’s talents can overcome nearly any adversity. Nevertheless, do we really want to see the Brady-led Patriots win yet another Super Bowl? Most fans who bet on football would have to disagree but it might not matter considering how deft this team is.

Now, regarding potential matchups, seeing the Packers and Steelers go head-to-head for the Vince Lombardi trophy would be an interesting matchup to say the least. Several years ago we saw the Pats-Giants do a rematch of their first Super Bowl contest and it would be fitting to see the Packers and Steelers do a rematch of their 2011 online Super Bowl betting matchup. That championship, which the Packers ended up winning, was also ironically hosted in Texas. Albeit, it was hosted in Jerry World instead of NRG Stadium – the home of this year’s title game. Even though both teams are drastically different, this would be one of the most intriguing matchups available.

Another pairing that would prove to be eventful would be the matchup between the Falcons and the Pats. Those who tuned in for the Falcons-Seahawks contest last weekend were treated to a beautiful, dangerous, highly-efficient passing attack by Matt Ryan. Seeing that same elite passing offense go against the most accomplished quarterback in NFL history would be a contest for the ages. Given the weakness of the Falcons’ defense and the efficiency of New England’s own offense, this game would indubitably turn into a shootout, something no NFL sportsbook fan would have a qualm about.

Lastly, the potential matchup between the Packers and the Patriots might be the most fascinating. As previously mentioned Brady is the most accomplished quarterback in Super Bowl history, but that hasn’t stopped NFL pundits from claiming that Aaron Rodgers is the most talented quarterback to ever pick up a ball. Week after week Rodgers’ treats us to immaculate throws that only he could make and seeing both number 12s compete for all the marbles is unquestionably the best matchup available.