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Online NFL Betting Sizes up NFC North

The online NFL betting season is coming within sight. Pretty soon fans will have to balance partying on the weekends with a bet on NFL matchups.

One of the most popular NFL lines involves Super Bowl predictions. Obviously, the reigning New England Patriots will be sportsbooks favorites to repeat, but there is one team that could draw a lot of interesting action: the Green Bay Packers.

Last season, the Packers were one game away from competing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. After losing to the Atlanta Falcons, Aaron Rodgers famously took to the podium talking about the team’s need to reload. The Packers certainly did just that during the offseason, but is it enough to declare them the rightful winners of the NFC North? Considering how weak the rest of the competition in the North is expected to be, it just might.

Green Bay Packers

Odds to Win Super Bowl: +1050                 Odds to Win NFC North: -225

Having Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback should be enough to make the Packers’ online NFL betting favorites in the division. This season, Rodgers is slated to become the first quarterback in NFL history with 300 touchdowns and less than 100 interceptions. Rodgers is currently sitting on 72 career interceptions, and he should have no problem hitting that 300 touchdown mark this season. This stat alone epitomizes the brilliance that is Aaron Rodgers. No other quarterback in NFL history has achieved this. Not Tom Brady, not Peyton Manning, and certainly not Brett Favre.

The biggest drawback the Packs suffered last season was on defense. Enter Kevin King, Green Bay’s first selection in this past draft. King is one of the tallest, biggest, and most physical corners in the draft – scratch that, the NFL. If King can make an impact this season, the Packers should be a shoo-in for a Super Bowl appearance.

Detroit Lions

Odds to Win Super Bowl: +6050                 Odds to Win NFC North: +700

Last season, the Lions came within inches of usurping Green Bay for the division title. Unfortunately, Detroit suffered a late-season collapse that paved the way for Green Bay’s online NFL betting playoff appearance. This offseason, the Lions haven’t made any moves that jump off the page. However, accounting for how good Matt Stafford was in the 4th quarter (for most of the season, particularly early on) the Lions should at the very least be considered contenders in the NFC North.

Minnesota Vikings

Odds to Win Super Bowl: +4250                 Odds to Win NFC North: +370

The Vikings are the Wild Card of the North. This season marks the first the team has endured without longtime running back Adrian Peterson. While that spells good news for the rest of the North, it’ll be hard to anticipate the Vikings’ 2017 success. Not to mention the quarterback situation. Will they stick to Sam Bradford? Or will Terry Bridgewater – who had built a buck-load of hype leading up to the 2016 season, make his return?

Chicago Bears

Odds to Win Super Bowl: +20000               Odds to Win NFC North: +4050

The Bears betrayed their fans by selecting Mitch Trubisky with the No. 1 overall pick. Many Bears fans felt that Trubisky did not have the talent to merit that pick. However, Chicago is better off with anybody other than Jay Cutler underneath center. It’s a rebuilding season for the Bears and we’ll have to wait and see how much they accomplish. Nevertheless, the odds aren’t expecting much.