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Online NFL Betting Siding With Falcons Despite Losing Streak

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Jets Betting NFL Week 8 – Sunday, October 29th

The New York Jets will host the Atlanta Falcons this online NFL betting Sunday. Had this contest been in Week 1, players would have sided with the Falcons in a landslide. However, since this contest is taking place in Week 8, players betting NFL online might be more willing to take the upset pick – even if it is on a team as lowly as the Jets. The reason being, the struggles that the Falcons have had this year when facing teams from the AFC East. Atlanta has suffered 3 losses on the year and all three have come against AFC East opponents. Now facing their last AFC East opponent of the season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some players bet against Atlanta. Let’s see what kind of odds football sportsbooks are putting together for this Falcon matchup.

Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Jets – Sunday, October 29th

When: 1:00 pm ET

Where: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

TV: Fox

Stream: Fox Sports Go, NFL Game Pass

Online NFL Betting Lines:

Atlanta Falcons -6 (-110)      44 ½ (-110)     -265

New York Jets +6 (-110)       44 ½ (-110)     +218

Atlanta Falcons

At 3-3, the Falcons are currently ranked 3rd in the division behind the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints – both of whom are sitting cozily at 4-2. The NFC South has a reputation for being one of the most tumultuous division in the NFL and this year’s current rankings prove that once again. After all, last year’s winner isn’t the frontrunner to claim the title this season. So what exactly has happened to last year’s NFC champions?

Well, it could very well be a case of a Super Bowl hangover. Being in the NFL’s title game with a 21-point lead has to be an amazing feeling. But seeing that lead wiped clean by Tom Brady while your offense was incapable of even delivering a field goal, let alone a touchdown, has to be one of the worst feelings in professional sports. The Falcons have now lost the last three in a row with this past weekend’s loss being the worst one. Atlanta faced the Patriots this past Sunday and suffered a 23-7 beating. Despite that pitiful performance and the Falcons’ losing streak, the online NFL betting odds are still siding with the reigning NFC champions.

New York Jets

The Jets fly into this contest sporting a 3-4 record that ranks them last in the AFC East. Like the Falcons, the Jets are riding a losing streak of their own. Granted, the Jets is only 2 to the Falcons three losses. It is interesting to see the odds favor Atlanta so heavily. Sure, New York ranks on the low end of the NFL in terms of talent. But the Falcons haven’t shown us anything in the last couple of weeks to make us believe that they are the rightful favorites over the Jets. Furthermore, the Falcons haven’t beaten an AFC East opponent once this season. But, against the worst team in the division, the odds are going to have to side with Atlanta.