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Online NFL Betting Mock Draft Part 1

Online NFL betting fans can go back and forth all day on the usefulness of mock drafts. Some fans love them because of their ability to dissect and display a team’s weaknesses or potential holes, while others find them to be a complete waste of time. While it’s true that any deviation from the prediction will create ripples that go and drastically change the rest of the draft, their value to the average sportsbook player should be obvious. Having a quick, easy to follow, guide at what potential Super Bowl contenders is indispensible when making futures predictions or wagers that could pull a pretty penny.

As we approach draft day mock predictions are bound to change, but that’s just the nature of online NFL betting. And if even fans are unwilling to accept the benefits of a mock draft, they can still see which order teams will draft in. The only pick that has yet to be determined is the 14th pick, due to the fact that the Vikings traded their first-round pick to the Eagles, and have the same record strength as Indianapolis.

  1. Cleveland Browns

The Browns are notorious for their quarterback woes, but given Joe Thomas’ recent comments, football betting fans can expect them to forego a quarterback this year. Myles Garrett, defensive end from Texas A&M, is the best option for Cleveland.

  1. San Francisco 49ers

Given Kaepernick’s continuing decline on the football field, the best thing the Niners can do to increase their sportsbook odds is draft a quarterback. Deshaun Watson’s championship performance should be enough reason for San Francisco to draft the young star.

  1. Chicago Bears

The Bears’ lack of a pass rush should make picking Solomon Thomas out of Stanford a viable option.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars were a bust last season. They’ll be hoping Jamal Adams, safety out of LSU, isn’t one either.

  1. Tennessee Titans

Titans have two first-round picks this year. This one could end up being Marshon Lattimore, cornerback out of Ohio State.

  1. New York Jets

Jets have a lot of holes to fill. But the wisest pick here would be a running back and what better one than Leonard Fournette.

  1. San Diego Chargers

Reports suggest Melvin Ingram is headed out the door so the Chargers will need someone to fill his shoes. Taco Charlton, outside linebacker from Michigan, could be a great option.

  1. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are still kicking themselves for letting Josh Norman leave. However, instead of a cornerback, they’ll probably end up picking defensive tackle Jonathan Allen from Alabama.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals

An aging linebacker corps makes this pick obvious; Reuben Foster out of Alabama.

  1. Buffalo Bills

Tyrod Taylor isn’t helping their sportsbook odds. Mitch Trubisky, quarterback out of North Carolina, just might.

  1. New Orleans Saints

Saints are a long ways off from becoming online NFL favorites. Drafting Sidney Jones, cornerback out of Washington, would be a step in the right direction.