Online NFL Betting Looks Over NFC East

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
NFL Betting Looks Over NFC East

The online NFL betting season is on the verge of commencing. Pretty soon, sportsbooks will be buzzing with the latest NFL spread betting predictions. In order to get prepared for the upcoming season, we’ve decided to take a look at the divisions containing the most likely Super Bowl contenders. We’ve already taken a look at the Green Bay Packers up in the NFC North, so let’s take a look at another NFC division that is widely considered to be the most competitive division in the league: the NFC East.

The NFC East has the makings to be the toughest division in the NFL. Although the Cowboys were the only team to qualify for the postseason, all 4 teams were contenders throughout most of the season. Dallas took the roof off the division by having their rookies hit the gridiron in full stride but the Eagles almost found similar success with Carson Wentz. Likewise, the Redskins were dangerous at time. However, all eyes will be on America’s team from the start of the season.

Dallas Cowboys

Odds to Win NFC East: +135 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +1000

Right now the Cowboys are drawing a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. News broke early Monday morning regarding Ezekiel Elliott. Dallas’ running back got into some scuffle with a security guard and although Elliott wasn’t arrested, but in the face of his domestic abuse scandal: this is not the type of news you want floating around.

As of right now, Elliot’s off the field issues aren’t affecting the Cowboys’ online NFL betting odds. However, most sportsbooks are expecting the league to come out and suspend Elliott in the coming days and with the incident early morning, it’s likely that that suspension will be harsher than originally anticipated.

This could spell trouble down the line for Dallas. Sure, Dak Prescott is great. But it’s a whole lot easier for him to be great with Elliott behind him. Likewise, the Cowboys’ defense needs a strong offense that can chew up the clock. Remove Elliott from the equation, and this whole ship could sink.

New York Giants

Odds to Win NFC East: +200 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +2500

This will mark the second season post-Tom Coughlin era for New York. The Giants posted an 11-5 record in 2016 and were on the cusp on making a playoff appearance. This year, Ben McAdoo – New York’s head coach, will be coming in with much more experience. Sportsbook players can expect the Giants to hit the ground running in 2017.

Philadelphia Eagles

Odds to Win NFC East: +350 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +5050

The Eagles started hot last season but lost speed past the season’s halfway point. However, the Eagles were made up of mostly young talent, with a couple of those guys being rookies. Philadelphia’s early season success is no guarantee in 2017, but they definitely qualify as a sleeper.

Washington Redskins

Odds to Win NFC East: +550 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +7050

The Redskins were extremely explosive at times last season. But with DeSean Jackson out of the picture, will Washington be able to maintain that explosiveness? Kirk Cousins may be a pro bowler but many sportsbook players feel that he’s too inconsistent to hang your hat on. Couple that with Washington’s meager defense, and it’s likely that Washington will finish last in the East this year.