Online NFL Betting Looks Over Carr’s New Contract

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Derek Carr will be an Oakland Raider for the next 5 years

As online NFL betting fans patiently await the start of the preseason, the latest offseason signing has upped the stakes in the AFC West. Derek Carr, the man whose 4th quarter comebacks allowed the Oakland Raiders to make the playoffs, has just finished inking a new deal that would make him the highest paid quarterback in the league. Needless to say, betting sites have been going back and forth on this one.

‘Carrpe’ Diem: Seize the Pay

The official contract states that Derek Carr will be an Oakland Raider for the next 5 years, all to the tune of $125 million – with $40 million of that being fully guaranteed and $70 million in total guarantees. This deal, which offers a whopping $25 million to Carr each year, makes the Raiders’ quarterback the highest paid in the league.

There’s no problem with someone cashing in a big paycheck, and online NFL betting players should have no qualms about Carr’s success. However, the question does arise; shouldn’t the best quarterback in the league be the highest paid?

There’s no doubting Carr’s abilities. The man took a team without any defense to the playoffs. However, right before Oakland entered the postseason, Carr suffered an injury that would keep him from competing in the playoffs. Because of this, no one – not Oakland not the sportsbook lines, no one has seen what Carr is like in the postseason. And because how player performs in the postseason is paramount, some are stating that Oakland’s contract is a bit premature.

There’s no doubt postseason play is one of the biggest factors in a player’s contract. Take Eli Manning for example. Manning is without a doubt one of the most mediocre regular-season quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. However, Manning flips a switch in the playoffs and what we’ve seen from him (2 Super Bowl victories over one of the greatest coaches in NFL history) forces us to respect the younger Manning brother.

In Carr’s case, the opposite could be true. We could see Carr post a phenomenal regular season performance, and then choke and fall apart in the playoffs. The problem is, we simply do not know.

Back to the point regarding the best quarterback being the highest paid. Looking over the league’s history, that has never really been the case. Right now the best quarterbacks are considered to be Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and either Ben Roethlisberger or Matt Ryan.

Brady has been known to take a pay cut in order to allow the Pats to sign better talent. Rodgers is currently 5th on the list of highest paid quarterbacks, with Ryan being a few slots ahead of him. Roethlisberger, well his off the field issues certainly cut into his pocket.

At the end of the day, the best and youngest quarterback should be the highest paid. This is because of the way contracts are structured in the NFL. The longer you sign with a team, the more they can pay you down the line and the fewer penalties the cap takes. So with this in mind, online NFL betting fans should be more than happy with Carr.

However, this fancy new contract certainly ups the stakes in the AFC West. There will be more pressure on Oakland and Carr in particular, to perform and win the division. That’s no easy task when you have to share the division with Denver, the team that won the title two years ago, and the Chiefs, who made the playoffs last season.