Online NFL Betting Holding Out on Vikings-Steelers Match

Posted by: Mike Davis
Minnesota Vikings vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Sunday, September 17th

After beating the Saints this past online NFL betting Monday, the Minnesota Vikings are now ready to take their wrath out on the AFC North. This Sunday, the Vikes will be traveling to the Steel City to take on the reigning AFC North champions. Let’s take a look at what kind of turnout sportsbook betting sites are predicting.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Sunday, September 17th

When: 1:00 pm ET

Where: Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

TV: Fox

Stream: NFL Game Pass, Fox Sports Go

Online NFL Betting Odds:

Minnesota Vikings TBP

Pittsburgh Steelers TBP


Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings had a tumultuous season in 2016. Before the year even kicked off Minnesota had their starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater fall out of the starting lineup due to a torn ACL. The franchise ended up trading for Sam Bradford, a quarterback whose collegiate potential never translated to NFL success.

Nevertheless, Bradford stepped in like a veteran and was able to lead the Vikings to a strong start to the 2016 season. But as the year progressed, Minnesota kept losing ground in the division and ultimately fell too far behind both Detroit and Green Bay. But after winning their 2017 opener, Bradford and company feel confident that they can take their stake in the NFC North.

A big part of the online NFL betting success the Vikings enjoyed over the Saints this past Monday was thanks to Bradford taking on more responsibility at the line of scrimmage. Last season, Bradford was stepping in at the last minute and was expected to simply learn the playbook. Now with a whole season of experience under his belt, Minnesota is expecting Bradford to make more reads at the line of scrimmage, and ultimately audible the play into an ideal situation – which he did masterfully against the Saints.


Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers put forth a respectable effort in 2016, going 11-5 to win the AFC North and subsequently making it all the way to the AFC Championship match. However, it’s been 6 years since Mike Tomlin and the Steelers lost the Super Bowl and they haven’t made it back since. With Roethlisberger’s growing age looming over the organization, Pittsburgh has a growing feeling that they’re running out of time.

The way the Steelers opened up their 2017 doesn’t instill a lot of hope that this will be a Super Bowl winning year into their fan base. Pittsburgh faced their AFC North rival Browns this past sports wagering Sunday and got more than they bargained for. Cleveland hasn’t been competitive in the North in over a decade but they still managed to give the Steelers a run for their money this past weekend.

The Black and Gold came out on top 21-18 but rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer was still able to carve up the Steelers’ defense for 220 yards. Furthermore, Roethlisberger threw a pick that could have end up costing the Steelers the game. Bottom line, Pittsburgh has room to grow if they are to win the North this season.